Recruiter FAQ

Recruiter FAQ will let you know what your peers are searching for and will help in answering your doubts 

  • 1.Login to your Employer Account.
    2.Purchase a Job Package.
    3.Fill in the Job Posting Form.
     4.Post the Job and Update.

  • 1.Login to your Employer Account.
    2.Purchase a CV Packages.
    3.Go to Candidates List with Filterable.
    4.Click on ADD TO LIST / SHORTLIST.
  • Yes, you can download Resumes depending upon your package.
  • yes you can add your company's profile in employer Dashboard

    Follow these steps to add your company's profile

    1.login to your Employer account
    2.Go to Dashboard
    3.Click on the Company profile
    4.fill out the company's detail 
    5.Save and update.
  • yes you can change the password

    Follow these steps to change

    1.Login to your employer account

    2.Go to your Dashboard

    3.Click on the Change my password

    4.Enter your Email-id to send the Link on the link sent to your Email-id and update your Password 
  • Yes,you can delete your account but we strongly suggest you not to delete your account because once you delete your account it can not be Re-used and all your data is lost.

    Follow these steps to delete your account 

    1.Login to your Employer account
    2.Go to your Dashboard
    3.Click on Delete my Profile(Data once lost can't be re-used)
  • Yes, you can get in touch with the candidates that are interested in your job opening
  • yes you can search candidates depending upon your requirements and filter them using
  • Featured jobs are those which have absolute views by the job can fetch you maximum  possible views.These jobs are featured in the can brand your company with the help of   Featured can reach to the more number of job seekers. 
  • Yes you can track you Applicants who have applied to the job posted

    you can know the details such as

    1.No of Applicants Applied
    2.Candidates Names
    3.Candidates contacts
    4.Date of Application

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