Koyal Herbal World[how this woman is helping the herbal industry in 2021]

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Koyal Herbal World is a Human Immunity Booster Products manufacturing startup. 

What is Koyal Herbal world?

Koyal Herbal world is a Startup that provides dietary supplements and Immunity boosters, founded by Koyal Dalal in the year 2020.

This herbal startup was started on a mission “to provide power against viral Infections and make every individual healthy and strong with the affordable prices” 

envisioned itself, “to focus on promoting the usage of herbal and natural products across the world” 

Startup Koyal Herbal World
Website koyalherbalworld.com
Founded Nov , 2020
Headquarters Bramhapuri, India
Products Herbal Products  
Revenue Model B2B2C

How did Koyal Herbal World start in 2020?

After completing her Bachelor’s in Pharmacy in the year  2015, Koyal later finished her Post Graduation in Clinical Research, she started her working career in early 2015. 

Since the time of working, she was keen on starting something on her own. Fast forward to 2020, Ms.Dalal has noticed human immunity problems and thought of solving them.

Bootstrapping with INR 1 Million, in the month of Nov 2020, she has started Koyal Herbal World.

Here is the quick Overview of Koyal Herbal World


Where does Koyal Herbal World stand in 2021?

Being started its operations in November 2020, This Bramhapuri-based startup has grown to 1000+ Registered Customers by the end of Aug 2021.

This Herbal-based startup has grown from a headcount of 1 in Nov, 2020 to 4 in 2021. 

Early Struggles of Founder:

Being a first-time entrepreneur, Ms.Dalal has faced many difficulties while starting the Koyal Herbal and she listed a few of them

  • Arranging of  the Capital to start the operations with no experience 
  • Having a comprehensive Market Research of the product
  • Building a robust team in the initial stage was way tougher than we think   

Koyal Herbal Products

  • Spirulina Tablets
  • Moringa Tablets
  • Herbal Sabji Masala
  • Herbal Tea Masala
  • Agro Immunity
  • Black Rice
  • Chay Masala
  • Herbal Bath Soap

Made up of Natural herbs, all these products are sugar-free, vegan, and 100% chemical-free.

According to Ms.Koyal, Moringa and Spirulina are the main ingredients in these products. It is ensured that no toxic chemicals, preservatives, or binding agents are used in the growing or manufacturing of these above-listed products.

Targeted Market

Koyal Herbal World has been targeting the demographic of 2-60 years, focusing all over India.

Pricing of Koyal Herbal Products

Since this herbal startup provides a wide range of products the pricing has a range from INR 120 to INR 390


Koyal Herbal World Expansion Plans

According to Koyal CEO of Koyal Herbal World, “we are hoping to expand our business in the international market”

Ms.Koyal Dalal has described Koyal Herbal World in one word as “Trustworthy”



What is herbal medicine used for?

Herbal medicines are used for treating various health condition such as Diuretic, Inflammation, sore throat, depression, digestion, Osteoarthritis and many more

What are 10 herbal medicines?

Ginseng, Crampbark, Dandelion, Fennel, Gumweed, Mugwort, Mullein, Nettle,Plantain, Scullcap

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