Aaiena[An ex-upsc aspirant & ex-isro scientist are helping e-shopping with deep tech Virtual trial rooms in 2021]


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Aaiena is deep tech Startup 

What is Aaiena?

Aaiena is a Virtual Lifestyle coach startup that creates a virtual trial room for a better personalized e-shopping experience and tells everything about a person such as status of health, Best suitable Apparel, Physical condition, was founded by Sakshi Chhapolia and Ankit Kumar in the year 2019.

Started on a mission “to enhance people’s experience digitally & be a one-stop solution for every problem be it Health, Shopping, Physique”

Envisioned itself Aaiena, “to make digitization and VR form of personalized shop for better e-shopping preferences”  

Startup Aaiena
Website aaiena.com
Founded Aug 2019
Headquarters Noida, India
Products Virtual Trial Rooms
Revenue Model B2C,B2C, Subscriptions

How did Aaiena start in 2019?

With a great career as an ex-ISRO Scientist, Mr.Ankit was working as PSO, After completing her Graduation in Political science, Ms.Sakshi has cleared her UPSC Prelims.

It was in the post-August, 2019 Sakshi and Ankit were sitting and talking about the problem one of their friends has faced to get a perfect fit bride dress which she didn’t while she was getting married.

This team duo has seen an opportunity & wants to solve this problem with a product that could assess the physical condition of a person and suggest better apparel, health condition, diet.

Bootstrapping with US$ 50000, this duo has started building the product and after 1.5 years of development phase Aaiena has become a final product and that’s how it is been started.

Here is the quick review of Aaiena


How does Aaiena work?

This Noida-based startup has proprietory virtual trial technology where it can detect the health status, body measurements this patented technology is referred to as Aaiena Reflection.

To evaluate a person’s health for aaiena, A person has to upload height, weight,front-view, and side-view Photographs, With its edge-to-edge and deep end technology, Sizing software, detects the person’s size and suggest the best possible fit apparel.

This deep tech software, with the body measurements of a person, tells whether the person is suffering from Obese or malnutrition, Aaiena tracker helps in knowing the health conditions in the first stage to avoid further health complications.

where does it stand now?

Being started with a team of 2 in 2019, this Noida-based tech startup has grown to a total headcount of 35 in 2021.

This all-in-one startup has Glitz & Glamour, Deepak Garments, Lookatme, Nice collection, Benzor, Chauhan Lifestyles, Marine Bazaar as its esteemed clients.

According to Ms.Chhapolia, “client retention is more important than client acquisition”

This duo-formed startup has grown in the markets of the US, South-Asian countries.

Futuristic Technology

This deep-tech startup uses a wide variety of cutting-edge and deep-end technology to run the software that involves

  • Sizing Software that helps in the detection of the size of a person
  • Aaiena Tracker involves in the tracking of all the health issues of a person
  • Aaiena fit helps in suggesting the apparel to the persons for the best possible fit

Area of operations

This SaaS provider operates in the markets of India, the US, and South-Asian countries

Pricing of Aaiena

This futuristic startup has various prices ranging from US$50 per month, US$200 per month, and enterprise edition has to be quoted, Many different variables which are included in the subcriptions are No of trials, Size control, gradation, Account Management, Analytics, Monthly reports.


Aaiena Funding

This SaaS startup has been running out of pockets, so they decided to dilute the equity, and has started posting their vague Pitch deck on Facebook groups for crowdfunding. As early as its prototype phase, it has raised its funds of US$110K from 3 Investors comprising of HNI, Angels, in the month of December 2020.

According to CEO, Sakshi, “All it matters is just dedication & determination no matter what will happen next”

Future Expansion 

This virtual trial room startup is planning to expand in the country of the UK, and continuous up-gradation of technology to cope up with daily changing technology.

Sakshi Chhapolia has quoted  “Aaiena is Virtual Coach”

Founding Team

Mr.Ankit Kumar Founder– An ex-ISRO Scientist from NIT Kurukshetra

Ms.Sakshi Chhapolia Founder, CEO– An ex-UPSC Prelims holder from Paulscience college

Mr.Ashish Goyal- CTO


How does the virtual shopping work?

A customer checks out & picks up his order assisted by a video or a virtual assistant using Augmented Reality or virtual realtiy

What is virtual buying?

A customer buys his/her products sitting at his home where selection and trial of products are done right from home itself and payment is made via internet.

What are the advantages of virtual shopping?

Ease of shopping at home without going to the physical shopping mall, which is helpful in saving Time, Fuel, Effort, Money

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