ThatMate[how this new sexual wellness & mental care app is helping teenagers to grow in 2021]


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Thatmate is Mental wellness and sexual care Startup 

What is Thatmate?

Thatmate is a Digital Health care platform that focuses on providing counseling, self-management, sex education to teenagers who are suffering from the problems of low self-esteem, peer pressure, bullying, internet addiction, gaming addiction, low social interaction, etc.., founded by Ms.Madhavi Jadhav, Mr.Nishant Neeraj in the year 2020.

Started on a Mission, Thatmate,“to be a go-to companion for the teenagers for everything related to mental wellness”

Startup Thatmate
Founded 2020
Headquarters Pune, India
Products counseling



Revenue Model B2B2C,freemium,

How did Thatmate start?

When Madhavi was a growing teenager, she had struggled with her bodyweight and was always looking for external validation which led to the development of self-esteem issues, she was bullied by her own family & friends that affected her personal life a lot eventually she has consulted a counselor to sort down the issues she is dealing with.

Fast forward to 2017, when she saw her niece going through the same self-esteem issues, Ms.Jadhav thought that her niece shouldn’t have to go through all these issues, where she has become a friend to her niece to share everything, this has become core to Thatmate module.

In 2018, since Madhavi isn’t techy, she has started offline and has dealt with 8000+ students from 80+ schools and has realized the problem at ground level, Later she onboarded her co-founder Nishant, and started online.

After winning the competition of Deshpande foundation in 2018, which has helped for bootstrapping later and that’s how it is started in 2020

Here is a quick overview of Thatmate


how does thatmate work?

A teenager(user) has to enroll initially with thatmate, where he/she can attend 10 hours of well-being and self-awareness and development workshop, then he/she can read comic books according to his/her mental state, use app for engagement if they have any doubts they can raise in chatbot and attend regular counseling sessions and develop his/her abilities to make their own decisions.

Where does it stand now?

This age-appropriate content-driven startup has grown from a team of 2 in 2018 to a total headcount of 14 in 2021, 10 freelancers and interns.

It has served over 8000+ teens dealing with their problems of wellness and has collaborated with 100+ schools across 3 states.

Thatmate’s impact on Teen’s daily life

  • Puberty– better understanding of Natural changes mentally & physically
  • Relationships– to understand the relevance of relationships & personal life
  • Gender Sensitization– to empathize with each person as to how they are
  • Bullying– to open up about Bullying and trying to minimize it
  • Addiction– Trying to understand the difference between habit and addiction
  • Effective communication– with everyone for a better life
  • Self Esteem– to understand better about oneself and improve
  • Social-Media Influence– Not letting social media divert our way of a happy life

Area of Operations

This Pune-based wellness startup is operating in Metros, Tier1, Tier2 cities and was planning to deep dive into the small towns as well.

Targeted Market

This duo-founded startup has been targeting the children from the age of 10-19 years and their parents who stay in Tier1, Tier2, Metros, that are having an annual income of IN₹ 6 lakhs.

Expansion Plans

This sexual & Mental wellness startup is Planning to work with 300K teens in the coming 6-12 months. In the next 5 years, it is aiming to fetch 30 Million subscribers under its platform and tap on the US$ 350 Million mental health care market globally, Comprising of 1.3 billion teenagers.


According to Ms.Madhavi, ‘we don’t have direct competitors as such because we are creating a niche product and it was a first product for the audience’

Thatmate Funding

This Pune-based & teens-focused, Mental & sexual wellness startup, ThatMate has secured US$140,000 in angel funding round from Rebalance Angel Community and a handful of angel investors, As part of its TIDE 2.0 initiative, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology [MeitY] also invested in this startup.

Angels who participated in this round  blanketed are Premanshu Singh of Paytm Insurance, Devendra Rane of Technology and Engineering, Paytm,  Vivek Lodha, CEO of JVS Foods, Devadatta Sahoo, Co-founder of NetTantra Technology, Kanti Prabha, Co-founder & COO of Sirion Labs, Shruti Lakkaraju, Ashish Tickoo, Yash Gupta, Aditya Singh, and AIC Banasthali‘s angels of  Krishna Mehra, Supriya Kumari, and Mamta Nehra.


Thatmate founders

Ms.Madhavi Jadhav, CEO of thatmate has 9 years of corporate experience working with the likes of Royal dutch shell, Reliance.

Mr.Nishant Neeraj, CTO of thatmate has a total of 13 years of tech development and had worked for cloud9, wealthengine.


What is mental wellness examples?

Mental wellnes is the way one person thinks to a situation and make respond accordingly, It includes thought process, emotional ability to act upon

How can I improve my mental wellness?

To improve a person's mental wellness you must follow 1.letting go of the bad thoughts that affects you negatively 2.Be mentally & physically active involving in hitting the gym, Yoga, meditation 3.connecting with people to know the different perspective to a situation 4.choose hobbies that interests you

What is good mental wellness?

A good mental wellness is practice of being happy, responding to a situation without taking it too personally and practicing gratitude and forgiving, letting go

Is mental health part of wellness?

yes, Mental health is part of wellness, it helps a person to be sane.

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