Dial4242[A New 24/7 Ambulance Services startup growing in 2023]

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Dial4242 is an Ambulance service provider

What is Dial4242?

Dial4242, India’s largest app-based ambulance network is built to deliver the best in emergency care to people across the nation through its ambulance services that are not only limited to emergencies but can be used by a patient to schedule check-ups & appointments or simply to get home after being discharged from hospital, founded in 2016 by Jeetendra Lalwani and Nilesh Mahambre.

The vision is “to drive excellence in healthcare”

The mission of this Ambulance Service Provider is to enable the citizens of India to improve their health, safety, and quality of life with progressive healthcare facilities they provide”

Startup Dial4242
Website Dial4242.com
Founded 2016
Headquarters Gurugram, India
Products Ambulance Services
Revenue Model B2B2C, Subscriptions

One Time Payment 

How did Dial4242 start?

The main motive behind the startup was not to only earn millions of dollars of money but to provide help to people. The reason behind this idea came up when the founder lost his dad. It was the last stage of cancer. “It wasn’t like a business idea or a eureka moment. It was a pain point” says Jeetendra.

Every month the founder had to call the ambulance for his dad once or twice in a month. And every time doing that he has to face a lot of difficulty in asking ambulance number one who to contact in this situation of crisis.

The ambulance availability was never in hand or they might charge unreasonably high. This ambulance service startup have started in 2016 and they have saved thousands of lives till now.

Here is a quick overview of dial4242

Dial424_ an ambulance service provider overview

How does it work?

The mobile app connects users to emergency facilities by providing timely ambulance service when required. With just one click or a call, a patient can have the associated ambulances at the location of their choice.

This medical emergency platform will help citizens to book an ambulance using a mobile app and track the vehicle once it is assigned and predict the time when it will reach the desired venue. The fare paid for the ambulance will be predictable and the user will have a very seamless experience at the time when his or her mind is in turmoil due to the emergency happening in the household.

“Dial4242 is on a journey to change this paradigm where emergency ambulance services take a back seat,” says Jeetendra.

Growth Rate

There has been a huge growth in the present. From the last financial year, the growth has been impeccable. This ambulance service platform is the only ambulance operator that has been signed by two companies and has been signed through insurance companies. Besides that, they have been some of the top companies that have approached them.

In the first wave of covid, the Mumbai police also contacted dial4242 for emergency cases that were happening again and again in India due to the surge in  Covid cases.

Currently, there are 8000 ambulances under them, they have 105000 medical transportation, and are currently serving about 735 cities. This medical platform has 3000000 corporate members.

Started with 2 co-founders in 2016, This Gurugram-based Startup has grown to a total headcount of 22 in 2023.

Salient Features of Dial4242


  • Ambulances on demand for Corporate, retail, housing societies, and other institutions(schools, colleges, etc)
  • Become a member and get guaranteed service, PAN India coverage
  • Pay the actual fare when you use the ambulance
  • Committed service, TAT, and price

Stand By Ambulance

  • For Corporate, housing societies
  • Ambulance on premises 24x7x365, PAN India coverage
  • Fixed monthly rate with 500+ km of free transport to nearby hospitals
  • Well-defined SOP to ensure every emergency is handled

dial4242 screenshot

ATC For Hospitals

  • (Ambulance + Technology + Call Center) combination model for hospitals
  • On-demand ambulance availability with the agreed rate structure
  • No investment, only monthly charges for use of the ATC platform
  • SME hospitals – all can use the platform for cost reduction and efficiency

Roadside Ambulance Assistance

  • Applicable for vehicle OEMs, wearable devices, retail/ food delivery companies
  • Auto trigger from the device or vehicle upon accident occurrence
  • Assured Pickup and drop to the nearest hospital including admission assistance and update to next of kin, PAN India coverage

Initial Challenges

It was quite challenging and tough to enter and penetrate the market. Because people stated when the patients look at the ambulance guy, they are against it because there is this preconceived notion that medical professionals charge a lot of money which leads to hesitation to take ambulance services.

But as Dial4242  had a vision and passion to change gradually they were able to make people more and more aware and help people more in the present. This Gurgaon-based company gets a lot of calls from ambulance services that want to work with the startup.

Expansion plans

“Right now there are 735 cities but are expecting to spread to 1000 cities,” says Jeetendra. The main motive is to reach out to more and more people in the next financial year. This healthcare-based startup is aiming for four times more funding and capital in the current financial year.

SWOT Analysis

Strength Would be primarily the technology that is able to reach people who are in need and can provide help to those who want help.

Investment and funding are something this health-based startup wants to work upon.

dial4242 SWOT Analysis

Opportunity is that India is a nation that has a huge population and there are a lot of people who are suffering from a lot of issues so helping them will give them a lot of opportunities for change.

Competition in the Future can be the major threat to this Gurugram-based startup.

Dial4242 Founders

Jeetendra Lalwani, Co-Founder was from a Very non-medical background

Nilesh Mahambre, Co-Founder of dial4242


What is the national ambulance code?

National Ambulance Code : 125

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