DentalDost[A smart Dental-Care startup helping Dental Industry with its unique technology in 2021]

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DentalDost is Dental Startup 

What is DentalDost?

DentalDost is a Health-tech startup that focuses on delivering smart-oral care services across India and around the world, to create awareness and guidance among patients about 9 specialties and 6 super specialties of dentistry, founded by Dr.Vidhi Bhanushali and Rajat Kabade in the year 2018.

Started on a mission “of giving Oral care services for anyone, everyone at any time”

Envisioned itself DentalDost, “to make people experience the comforting side of dentistry and eliminating the fear and anxiety about oral health care”  

Startup DentalDost
Founded Oct 2018
Headquarters Pune, India
Products Smart-Oral Care Services
Revenue Model B2C, B2C, Services fee

How did DentalDost start in 2018?

As a recipient of the Pierre Fauchard International Merit Award, Dr.Vidhi has always believed that everyone should have access to oral healthcare, irrespective of class and Geography. Early in her career as a dental practitioner, she has realized that India has been underperforming in Dental Health Care at the global level.  

She has seen a wide gap between oral health care and Patients’ awareness, understanding, guidance, regarding dental care. vidhi has strongly believed that Tele-dentistry is the way to bridge this gap.

In the year 2018, The duo of Vidhi and Rajat has started a blog in the name of, which covered from basic aspects of dental care to complicated things like Root Canal Treatment, Implants.

Since they were receiving many queries from the blog, they started free consultation with 24*7 live support, eventually with the Infusion of AI & ML, DentalDost has been started.

Here is a Quick Overview of DentalDost


How does it work?

This intermediary between patients and doctors startup, With the help of smart teledentistry that uses Integrated AI and ML Pre-Assess and examines the oral cavity of the patients and suggests and connects them to a proper specialty doctor that suits the patients’ required treatment be it Root canal Treatment, Crown treatment, Teeth Implants.

The teledentistry process involves three major steps

  • Uploading of 5 photos of teeth as per guidelines given in the Template
  • Getting the instant diagnosis report on your phone
  • Opting for free teleconsultation with an expert dentist  

Where does it stand now?

Starting with just 2 members in 2018, this dental care startup has grown to a total headcount of 24 in 2021. It has seen a Month-on-Month growth rate of 35% to 40%.

This Pune-based startup has been Partnered with 12 super specialty dental doctors serving 80-100 patients per day, and as of now has served 11000+ patients and treated more than 2500+ across India.

This smart dental-care startup has been served 10000+ calls with its 24*7 live support, has been partnered with 150+ Partner clinics, has scanned over 300000+ teeth, and has made 50000+ teeth healthy.

Area of Operations

This duo formed startup have patients all across India but are majorly concentrated in the Tier1 cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Ranchi, Lucknow, Raipur, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Mysore Kozhikode, Indore

Sales Turnover

This Teledentistry startup has been growing at a rapid pace of 35% to 40% and has garnered a total Gross Merchandise value(GMV) of INR 15 Million or 1.5 crores.

Ms.Bhanushali has told “if the product/service is good automatically people will recommend and spread via word of mouth” 


Targeted Market

This Pune-based startup is targeting mainly the metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities persons from the age range of 25-40 years of the millennial generation, tech savvies, who could understand the digital world.

DentalDost Funding

According to vidhi, ‘we are self-funded and since we were making a good GMV we haven’t gone for external funding rounds’

Expansion Plans

This oral care startup is planning to introduce technology to detect Oral Cancer tissues/cells and is working on an Interesting 3d-Model through which examining the patients would be very easy.

Ms.Vidhi has told “Think Dental/Oral Health Care – Think DentalDost”


DentalDost Founders

Dr.Vidhi Bhanushali, Chief Dental Surgeon Mr.Rajat Kabade, CTO

What is basic dental care?

1.Brushing the teeth, 2.Cleaning the teeth, 3.Mouth Rensing, 4.Oil Pulling

What is dental health care?

Dental health care refers to maintaining the hygiene of mouth that includes teeth, gums.

What are the tips of dental care?

Brushing teeth twice a day and before bed, cleaning teeth, mouth rinsing, visiting the dental clinic frequently.


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