Charismomic (How this new startup is making motherhood enjoyable in 2024)

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Charismomic is a superstore for moms and new moms.

What is Charismomic?

Founded by Dr. Veena Nair in 2020, Charismomic, as the name suggests, is for charismatic moms. It is a one-stop store for all new moms and moms-to-be. In a space that is largely dedicated to baby products, Charismomic is trying to focus on the mothers.

The vision behind Charismomic, as per the founder, is to enhance the motherhood experience. The founder says that her vision is to make Charismomic a go-to name for mothers.

The mission that the founder is carrying is to serve the mothers and let them experience and enjoy motherhood to its best.

Charismomic believes motherhood is simply the most meaningful experience in a woman’s life. And they are well aware that it’s a ride, exhilarating, emotional, and bumpy at times. Charismomic is here to provide access to a world of thoughtful products that make sure mothers are not just well taken care of, but continue living their life, during this phase.” says the founder.

Startup Charismomic
Founded 2020
Headquarters Bengaluru, India
Products Maternity essentials, Apparel
Revenue Model B2c,B2b

How did it Start?

Charismomic started with my own journey. I was working at the Ambedkar Dental College during my pregnancy and I could see my body going through so many changes at that time. That made me realize the importance of maternity apparel. There were dresses but I could not find specifics like work wear. That is when I realized that if we have the right products during our maternity journey, we can enjoy the journey” says the founder.

Quick Overview of Charismomic

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Growth Rate

The founder feels that the maternity segment has huge potential and it is a huge market. Charismomic, even though started during the pandemic, flourished and is growing incredibly.

Sales Turnover

Since the first financial year, Charismomic has witnessed a sales growth of 2x in the current financial year.

Area of Operation

Charismomic is headquartered in Bengaluru. It operates in PAN India.


Charismomic primarily deals with maternity apparel. The apparel can be used during post-pregnancy as well as pre-pregnancy. They have a huge collection of products dedicated to mothers like

● Maternity and Nursing wear.

● New mom essentials – Diaper bag, Feeding pillow, Baby carrier, Nursing cover, Changing mat, Nursing Bra.

● Hospital essentials – Hospital Gown, Feeding pillow, Nursing cover, Maternity pads, Intimate wipes.

● Feeding essentials – Feeding Pillow, Nursing cover, Wet and Dry Pouch, Mat, Lactation Cookie, Nipple Cream.

● Maternity essentials – Maternity Pillow, Maternity Stockings, Maternity Panty, Bola Chime Pendant, Toilet Seat Cover, Stand and pee Device.

● Pregnancy jewelry – Teething jewelry, Chime pendant.

● Lactation support – Lactation Cookies, Lactation Laddu, Lactation Massager.


Initially, there were 1-2 members. Everything was outsourced. Currently, they have a team of 7.

Targeted Market

Currently, it is focusing on new moms and moms-to-be. It is also trying to engage the fathers in the process.

Revenue Model

Currently, this startup is running on a sales model. It is planning to get into the subscription and gift box models in the future.

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In the apparel segment, there are quite a few good players in the market like MomzJoy, similarly for other segments as well.

Initial Challenges

“It was a huge challenge. The toughest part was the realization that there was no product awareness for the maternity segment. Even today, this is the biggest issue we face – awareness for things like lactation issues and breast massages.” says the founder.

Currently, with the help of actors and influencers, it is trying to spread awareness.

Expansion Plans

It is presently planning to spread outside India. They are currently trying to build stores in the Middle East.

Business Type

This startup runs on a B2C model. It is a lifestyle e-commerce brand. Now they have also made their presence in B2B.

SWOT Analysis

Their strength is the innovation that they are bringing to their products.

Their weakness is that since the founder has a medical background, it sometimes becomes difficult for her to find the right team.

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They realize that they have a huge opportunity to build a superstore solely dedicated to mothers, as there are few competitors in that area.

The threat so far is the entry barriers, feels the founder.

Charismomic Funding

Initially, this startup was bootstrapped.


Dr. Veena S Nair is a postgraduate in Master of Dental Surgery, Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics.

Rewards & Recognition

This solo-founded startup was selected in the pre-incubation phase at the Indian Institution of Management.


What does charismomic deals with?

Charismomic primarily deals with maternity apparel. The apparel can be used during post-pregnancy as well as pre-pregnancy. They have a huge collection of products dedicated to mothers.

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