Ariviya [how this biotech startup aims to replace chemical composition with natural ingredients in milk and other products in 2023]

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Ariviya is a b2b b2c-based startup.

What is ariviya?

Ariviya is a biotechnology-based startup. This innovative startup focuses on inventing products that are based on the bio source aka The source that has come from nature, founded by DR Sivakumar and others.

Interestingly, this is a rural-based startup. Divya is a product of believers in science who innovate through collaboration. The trio founded a startup that invented drugs, antimicrobials, sensors, etc to make people’s life efficient. The main focus is on animals and the products obtained by them.

The mission of this innovative startup is to “the prevention of metastasis and create a green environment.”

Startup Ariviya
Founded 2015
Headquarters Tamil Nadu, India
Products Veterinary-based products,

biodegradable products.

Revenue Model B2b, b2c.

How did Ariviya start?

This Trio-founded startup started about 3- 4 years ago. The founders are located in different regions around the globe. Each and every founder had a different profile but they joined together as a team.

Three of these founders belong to the same village. This is a rural-based startup. The founders of this rural-based startup identified the problems faced by veterinary doctors in rural areas.

After carefully listening to the problems faced by the veterinary doctors in their village, the founder of this rural-based startup Dr Siva Kumar came up with certain products to aid the problems faced by the veterinary doctors in the village. They identified One of the major issues was clean milk products. They believe that every individual drinks milk however none of them are aware of the quality of milk they are consuming.

The main objective of the founders of the startup was to improve the quality of milk and remove the contamination from the milk.

Another objective of the founders of this rural-based startup is to raise awareness among farmers regarding their products and how they can benefit the rural population in general. This startup serves its products to the farmers in rural areas and to the people who reside in rural areas.

Quick Overview

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Initial challenges

The initial challenge faced by the team was the Cows were not willing to take up the solution that would purify the milk. The solution/product invented by the founders of the biotechnology-based start-up is bitter in taste which does not please the cow. However, gradually the cow gets used to it and the milk which is produced by the cows is sterilized.

Another challenge is to generate awareness among the farmers. Another challenge Was the presence of global products that sterilize the milk. These products are high in chemicals like hydrogen peroxide.

The main objective of this ariviya is to raise awareness among the farmers and the milk consumers to reduce the chemical composition in milk and increase natural substances to sterilize the milk which is their product. The product invented by this trio-founded startup is 98.6% natural. 

How did Ariviya come into existence?

Dr Sivakumar states “Initially we are planning to start with humans but human applications are very difficult. Thus, they started with animals with the help of the veterinarian doctors.”

The journey of Ariviya

Initially, this biotech-based startup started with a budget of 20 lakhs, and currently, the CEO of the startup is supporting this company with their monthly expenses. In the present day, the sales by this biotech company have not reached the ideal level as the team of the startup has estimated.

So far, the sales turnover is very less as reported by the founder Siva Kumar. the sales per month are one lakh rupees but the gradual progress is noticed.

Revenue Model

This trio-founded model has two types of revenue model. They want to sell their technology and products but this innovative startup is also open to partnership with marketers and distributors.

How successful is ariviya in accomplishing their goals?

The founders are aware that they will experience sustainable growth in this sector. The founders of this biotech-based start-up are aware that this is not a human market, so there will be issues in surviving and growing. The focus is mostly on animals and sustainable growth is expected.

However, Dr. Sivakumar reports that they are expecting orders from bigger companies for example mankind which is a pharma company. They are targeting leading pharmacy companies that are focusing on veterinary products.

The targeted market

The farmers are the main target for their products. They mainly focus on delta regions which have more rural populations, especially farmers.

Future Expansion Plans

This Tamil Nadu-based startup has expansion plans with well-known companies like AMUL in Gujarat and Nandini in Bengaluru. This startup is planning to expand to cities like Hyderabad, Gujrat, and other similar cities.

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Founders Background

Swami Nathan, the CEO, and Co-Founder of Ariviya. A farmer by heart, an engineer by education, and a serial entrepreneur by passion from Silicon Valley, California, the USA, for the past 20 years. Founding CTO of a Silicon Valley Startup called SharePractice, Co-Founder & CTO of a Hollywood Startup called Photoboxi, and Founding CTO for Harmony Health Clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas. Founder of Indo-US NRI care, founder of Indo-US Institute of Tamil Language and Culture (ITLC) in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States.

Substantial experience in product development, marketing, networking, and fundraising activity. He was the one who mainly came up with the idea of the startup. He was the one who initially funded the startup.

Dr. M. Sivakumar is the CTO and Co-Founder of Ariviya. He thought Nanotechnology at Anna University has research experience of 20 years in polymer technology, biomaterial technology, and nanotechnology. He worked in Singapore for two years and in Japan for eight years as a Postdoctoral fellow. He has published around 100 academic research papers.

Dr. A. Chinnadurai, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of Ariviya, is also a farm veterinarian. He has more than 20 years of veterinary practice in dairy and beef farming. He has acquired experience in preclinical studies at GLP institutions & handled dairy farms of more than 5000 head herd capacity.

Ariviya funding

Initially, this biotech-based startup started with a budget of 20 lakhs, and currently, the CEO of the startup is supporting this company with their monthly expenses. Ariviya is a Bootstrapped startup so far.


The startup has received a lot of awards throughout the journey. They have been awarded by the CII as the best startup of the year with a cash prize of Rs.50,000. These awards motivate the team to move forward.


What is ariviya's aim?

The main aim of the founders of this startup was to improve the quality of milk and remove the contamination from the milk.

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