Fertility Dost[how this founder is helping Couples to solve Infertility in 2023]

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Fertility Dost is an Infertility solving Startup 

What is Fertility Dost?

Fertility Dost is a platform to cater to couples who are facing issues with infertility or IVF treatment. The startup provides a screening tool of its own and has a personalized holistic integrated coach program held for guidance to such couples and to help them reach their fertility goals, was founded by Gitanjali Banerjee in 2017.

The vision of the startup is to assist couples with their struggles with infertility”

The mission is “to create an ecosystem around infertility where wellness, care, and constructive interaction is a priority”

Startup Fertility Dost
Website fertilitydost.com
Founded 2017
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Products Fertility Coaching Program
Revenue Model B2B, B2C, Fees

How did Fertility Dost start?

The idea behind commencing the startup was to bridge the gap between the wellness and care missing in the fertility aspect of maternity. They got registered as a private limited company in 2017. The founder was part of an incubator program by IIT Delhi that landed her in the startup ecosystem. Fertility Dost was started as a blog where the founder shared her journey and soon many couples began relating to her and that is how the community grew

Here is a quick overview of  Fertility Dost.


Where does it stand now in 2023?

The startup is witnessing a 10% year-on-year growth rate with 5K+ couples have been successfully conceived under fertility programs and a 50K+ Member community guided by fertility coaches since its inception.

Market Penetration

Interestingly for this startup COVID-19 pandemic was a boon because earlier approaching doctors was difficult because of physical emergencies but during the pandemic, the team got the appropriate attention from the doctors and picked up digitization in healthcare.

Area of Operations

The team works with couples across the entire Nation. The target currently is Tier 1 cities. 10%  of the customer base is from outside India, mainly from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Dubai. Due to bootstrapping and limited revenue, tier 2 & tier 3 cities are in future expansion plans.


This Delhi-based startup provides the following fertility coaching programs:

  1. Natural pregnancy program
  2. IVF Preparation
  3. Pregnancy with PCOS
  4. Male Infertility
  5. Fertility Yoga
  6. Fertility meditation
  7. Fertility diet
  8. Fertility Ayurveda
  9. Fertility Acupressure
  10. Fertility counseling 


The founder started solo and now her team stands on a headcount of 10 people, including yoga experts, nutritionists, and Ayurveda advisors.


Targeted Market

The target market is all those couples who are yearning for children but are not able to conceive due to unfortunate circumstances.

Revenue Model

The revenue model is a premium one where users can interact with doctors and advisors for free of cost but for personalized and one-on-one sessions, payment is required. In a way, the startup can be said to be an education and coaching provider of health.

In the B2B segment, the startup partners with doctors, pharmaceutical companies, IVF clinics, and advisors to support them in their digital branding and working because the founder feels that they are the largest and most trusted platform for infertility issues and they have successfully created an ecosystem where users, doctors, and Fertility Dost can collaborate.

Sales Turnover

For the first 2 years, the focus was on building the product. It was in 2020 when the revenue model was consolidated when the coaching program was launched. In the current financial year, the team has already garnered INR 50 lakhs in revenue and is aiming to close the year at a revenue of INR 1 crore. The profit margin has been 30%.


This Delhi-based startup is not a clinic but a fertility coaching program, hence doctors and gynecologists are not a competition but supporters here. The competitors in the market are apps like Vera Health, Gynoveda, and Proactive for her which are working in smaller segments than Fertility Dost. This startup’s differentiation point is its journey from PCOS to pregnancy journey, and not just reversing PCOS.

Future Expansion

This healthcare startup is planning to expand to Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities where the need for guidance is more prevalent and also aims to start its services in vernacular languages.

Fertility Dost Funding

The startup is generated capital so far via bootstrapping. The founder invested INR 3 lakhs of her own. IIT Delhi provided a grant of INR 5 lakhs. The next 3 grants totaled INR 20 lakhs.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of the startup is its experimental research based on participants’ stories.

The weakness as of now is the lack of funds and relevant technology.

fertility dost

The opportunity is immense as the market size is huge. India is also a booming market when it comes to infertility, wellness, IVF, and digital healthcare.

The threat is competition and established vendors. Also, players coming with unscientific methodologies are also a threat.


Gitanjali Banerjee is the founder who is carrying an experience of 12 years of her in corporate content writing.


What are the 3 types of infertility?

1.Primary Infertility is where someone who's never conceived before has difficulty in conceiving. 2.Secondary Infertility is where someone who's conceived before but has difficulty in conceiving now.

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