The Little Farm[how this duo founded startup is growing in 2022]

The Little farm

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Founded by Ms.Niharika Bhargava and Mr.Aditya Bhargava in the year 2017, The little farm is into pickles, chutneys, cold pressed oils, spices, and some seasonal sharbat, Started right in the home kitchen with the founder’s father’s recipes as she saw that there are people looking for homemade pickles in the market but cannot easily find them and what’s available in the market is filled with additives and preservatives.

“My vision is that if we can consume ketchup in India why can’t we consume pickles worldwide” says the founder

Ms.Niharika had told “My mission with this company is to make this the number 1 gourmet pickle brand in the country that doesn’t use any preservatives”  to Jobifynn

Startup The LittleFarm
Founded 2017
Headquarters Gurugram, India
Products Daily Essentials
Revenue Model B2C & D2C, One Time Payment 

How did The Little Farm start?

The founder realized that pickles are at the dining table be it any household but to sum it up someone who is looking for homemade, quality & tasty products that their mom / grand-mom used to make but can’t find them in easily in the market and don’t have the time to make it but can afford it

The factory-made pickles available in the market are filled with preservatives and do not have the same taste or appeal as homemade pickles. Housewives that sell pickles have very limited customer reach and business scalability. That’s why The Little Farm co., we do preservative-free pickles using nostalgic recipes and sundry them’, was told by Ms.Niharika

Slowly this Gurugram-based startup moved to the farms and now works with many farmer networks.

Here is a quick overview of The Little Farm

The little farm


  • Everyday Essential
  • Pickles & Essentials
  • Beverages
  • Superfoods

Growth Rate of The Little Farm in 2022

This duo-founded startup has been growing at the rate of  5x since which has been a great encouragement to the team It has grown about 50% from 19-20 to 20-21, 53% from 20-21 to 21-22, and has seen 100% growth rate Q1 of 22-23.

Targeted Market

Pickles are at any dining table be it any household but to sum it up someone who is looking for homemade, quality & tasty products that their mom / grand-mom used to make but can’t find them in easily in the market and don’t have the time to make it but can afford it, This Daily essential selling-startup has been targeting on these people.

Area of Operations

This food-based startup delivers PAN INDIA on their official website, and is primarily available in daily grocery apps and stores across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and some more Tier1 cities plus actively growing. The head office is based out of Gurugram, farms in Khajuraho of Madhya Pradesh, and farmers’ networks pan India.


This D2C-based startup has a small team of 5 about 13 women at the farm. They are looking to grow now


I don’t believe there is one big national player in the gourmet pickle space right now. And some that are doing it are not on the farm to fork concept with the complete supply chain in their control’ was told by the Founder

Expansion Plans

This Gurugram-based startup is already catering to customers online but also planning to expand more in the daily grocery segment and grow more in all tier1 cities of India

The Little Farm Funding

We are bootstrapped right now but looking to raise our first round” says Ms.Niharika 

Rewards & Recognition

Little farm Screenshot

This F&B based startup has been licenced by fssai i.e Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

Founders’ Background

Ms.Niharika Bhargava is the founder and CEO, she comes from a marketing background and holds Msc in Marketing Strategy and Innovation.

Whereas the Co-founder, Mr.Aditya Bhargava comes from a retail background and has worked in a beverage company before. He has an Msc in Management


Products of The little farm

1.Chutney 2.Mango Pickle 3.Cold Pressed Mustard Oil


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