MyKhaana( how this new startup is helping the people with its home like meals in 2023)

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MyKhaana is a food and beverage startup. 

What is My khaana?

MyKhaana is a Bangalore-based startup that tries to incorporate a home-like meal for consumers. It is a kind of corporate catering service based in Bangalore that ensures the consumers the best quality of food and it is delivered to them in their footsteps. This startup comes under the food and beverages services industry.

The vision of my khana is to be the go-to brand for people to order food from,” says Shriya.

The main purpose is to make people familiar and aware of the importance of homemade food and to also make it accessible to people in unprecedented times like COVID-19. People are very familiar with ordering online food so it would be a great idea if it could employ homemakers as well which in other words is the commercialization of home-made food.

Startup MyKhaana
Founded 2020
Headquarters Bangalore, India
Products Technology services
Revenue Model B2c

How did it start?

The origin of the idea of this Bangalore-based start-up is the pandemic and the passion of the founder. The pandemic has transformed the lives of people across the globe. However in India, it has confined people in their homes and people were not able to access a lot of things, mostly good food.

So Mykhaana comes as A family extension of tiffin services. The founder observed that women used to cook in their homes as housewives however she realized that this can be monetized and professionalized. The main motive was to encourage women to start their own start-ups and work from their homes while doing something they actually like.

During the pandemic the founder was staying away from her family so she realized how difficult it is to be apart from one’s family. When the founder was working during the first wave of Covid, she came up with the idea that she should start a start-up in the food industry.

Mykhanna Overview

Mykhaana flyer

Area of operations

This food technology-based start-up started off by covering areas of Bangalore and then expanding to Bombay. This company is still thinking of spreading to other cities as well and making a huge impact on the consumers there.

Target market

The main target is anyone who wants or likes homemade food and wants to support the people who are making food from their homes and commercializing it.


Obviously, there are a lot of big players who are doing something in the food market. Companies like Food Panda, Zomato, and Swiggy can be considered competitors. However, this startup has its own unique selling point.

Sales turnover

The growth rate of this company has been immense. The sales turnover in the past six months has been 80,00,00 rupees which is phenomenal and could be considered as profitable for the company.

Future Expansion Plans

The main agenda of this Bangalore-based start-up is to spread across India and touch the lives of people around the country. The main agenda is to make an influence and impact on homemade food and how it is important.

On the other hand, there is also an idea to expand internationally because a lot of native Indians around the world feel the need to eat homemade food. This would also give them an opportunity to expand the reach of Indian cuisine.

Mykhaana screenshot

Mykhaana Funding

This duo founded a startup with one lakh rupees initially. Most of the funding was both stop level and the founding team itself contributed towards the funding initially. it came out of the hard crunch savings of the founders.

The startup is still bootstrapped and looking for investors. The startup is still open-minded to investments and funding.


Shriya Khanna has experience in working with the corporate world for a very long time. However one day she decided that she needed to start something of her own and left her high-paying salary. She has a background in digital marketing space and was campus-placed during her Master’s. She has also been a Samaritan to a lot of NGOs.

On the other hand, the co-founder Satesh earned his bachelor’s from symbiosis. He has a lot of experience with entrepreneurship and was passionate about working in this Bangalore-based start-up.


FICCI where the award was received in the food category.

The other award that was received was the Woman Power Award.


What is MyKhaana?

My Khaana is a startup that tries to incorporate a home-like meal for consumers. It is a kind of corporate catering service based in Bangalore that ensures the consumers the best quality of food and it is delivered to them in their footsteps

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