Reyfeber[healthy snacks based startup helping people and growing in 2021]


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Reyfeber  is an e-commerce platform for healthy snacks

What is Reyfeber?

Reyfeber is healthy eating and snacking e-commerce marketplace founded by Shreya R Shah, Shashank Kutty, Saurabh Mishra on a mission “to revolutionize the healthy eating category/industry of India – by an amalgamation of commerce and consultation”

This Bengaluru-based startup is India’s first medium to provide health scores on products to educate the consumers on what they are actually consuming. It is a platform aimed at creating a community of healthy eating enthusiasts and promoting holistic wellness.

startup Reyfeber
Founded Jul 25, 2020
Headquarters Bengaluru, India
Products Snacks  
Revenue Model B2B2C,Advertising, commission


How did Reyfeber start in 2020?

Shreya, Shashank, Saurabh were working in Genesis global, Merkle sokrati , Gozoop Online respectively, and have shifted to work from home in march 2020, they didn’t have time to exercise or make elaborate meals.

So they started researching healthy snacks and found that there were 100+ segments in healthy snacking but those were not available under the roof.

In India, eating/snacking healthy is still at a very nascent stage and while consumers want to adapt to healthy eating, they require hand holding. The main problem lies in how to start eating healthy, what are the available options and where to buy such products.

So they saw an opportunity to create a platform where people can see all the snacks under one roof that is how bootstrapping with INR 300K, Reyfeber was born in 2020.

Quick overview of Reyfeber


Where does Reyfeber stand now in 2021?

This snacks-based startup has had 1200+ products in the catalog on its platform since the commencement of operations in July 2020.

Bengaluru-based Reyfeber, has grown not just in terms of customers but also partner brands, started out with 15 brands but over a span of 6 months they have 70+ brands now and also have seen absolute growth in terms of the average order value and returning users.

Reyfeber’s Expansion

This snacks-startup would love to explore international markets, especially the southeast Asian markets as there is great potential in those markets. People are aware of the healthy eating options there and therefore there is an opportunity waiting to be tapped.

According to Ms.Shah “we want to grow as a global brand in F&B” and to be in one of the growing startups in India.

Targeted Market

This snacks startup has targeted primarily between the age group of 20 – 35. Two types of customers, existing healthy eaters and potential healthy eaters. The secondary target audience also includes ages 36-45.


Reyfeber’s Competitors

There are few players in the healthy snacks market but majorly are Wellcurve, Cora Health 


reyfeber founder

1.Shreya R Shah 2.Shashank Kutty 3.Saurabh Mishra

What are popular Indian snacks?

1.PaniPuri- Across India, 2.Siddu- Himachal Pradesh, 3.Kalari Kulcha- J&K, 4.Tunday Kabab- lucknow, 5.Kappa- Meghalaya, 6.Ragi Muddle- Andhra Pradesh, 7.Vada Pav- Mumbai, 8.Akki Roti- Karnataka, 9.Kothu Parotta- Tamil Nadu, 10.Mirchi Bajji- Hyderabad

snacks for evening

1.Maggi, 2.Samosa, 3.Mirchi-Bhajji, 4.Palak Kebab, 5.Vada Pav, 6.Mysore Bonda, 7.Bhel puri, 8.Aloo gobi, 9.Nan Khatai, 10.Unniappam, 11.Ribbon Pakoda, 12.Fafda

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