wastED (This new startup is making edible foods from brewer’s byproduct in 2023)

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wastED is a food and beverage startup. 

What is wastED?

wastED is a startup that focuses on is utilization of Brewer’s spent grain (BSG) or draff, a food waste that is a byproduct of the brewing industry that makes up 85 percent of brewing waste.

The idea is to rescue food-safe ingredients that manufacturers traditionally considered “spent.” By saving this food, the startup can introduce products with no additional land use, fertilizers, and other inputs.

The vision of the startup is “To inculcate a high protein and fiber-rich flour in a country like India that is one of highest prone countries in the world to diabetes.”

The mission  “is not only to provide incredible flavor and nutrition and utilization of byproducts optimally but also positive environmental impact and educate you about the same.”

Startup wastED
Website wasted.in
Founded 2022
Headquarters Bidhannagar, West Bengal, India
Products BSG Flour
Revenue Model B2B

How wastED started?

One of the founders of Radhika’s family business in food trading made her witness the scale of grain wastage in the industry. It was her brainstorming with her co-founder Dishita that made them strike with the idea of converting the byproducts into a usable and edible form rather than ending up in landfills.

They realized that spent grain, currently, has no traction around India and negligible dialogue, compared to the production, pan world. There needs to be a very merry marriage of awareness, operations management, and business development to be able to scale this idea without performance bottlenecks.

Quick Overview

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Growth Rate

The startup is still in its initial stages of development. But even so far, they have received multiple queries, and a curious and substantial consumer base has reached them to know more about the product.

The feedback from the users so far has been positive. The company also makes tailor-made flour as per customer feedback. The founders have been in contact with 400-500 startup founders as part of their marketing strategy.

Target Market

The likes of Bread companies, Flour companies, Soya factories, and Cakes or Brownies manufacturers are the B2B targets for wastED.

Market Penetration

Market penetration is a challenge as of now as the product here is a category creator. Also, since the byproduct comes from the brewing industry, a lot of customers have a misconception that the flour contains alcohol, which isn’t true.

The name of the company, wastED, also gives an indication to some customers that it may be a trash processing company, they correlate with high costs.


Team building has also been a challenge as the see-saw between hiring a generalist and a specialist with limited funds and workforce is difficult.

Area of Operations

The sales of the products that wastED produced happen on a PAN India level. Their factory is set up in Singur, West Bengal.

Revenue Model

The company has a daily average production of around 15 tons a day. The idea is to set up a seamless and streamlined B2B model of revenue, primarily. Currently, it is B2B and B2C.

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There are no direct competitors for BSG flour of wastED. The startup does have some indirect competitors in the form of producers of jackfruit atta, beetroot atta, etc.

But for wastED the affordability is an advantage here. Also, BSG flour does not change the taste and texture of wheat or any other flour, hence easier to adapt to.

Future Expansion Plans

Currently, the team is working on researching other such byproducts that can be utilized instead of getting wasted. D2C sales are also on plan.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of the company is that is a category creator. They are the first ones to utilize BSG as a flour fit for human consumption.

The weakness is that the awareness of the product is currently low as BSG so far has only been utilized as cattle fodder. The major challenge to overcome for wastED is to gain the trust of consumers that BSG if modified correctly, is suitable for human consumption as well. Team building is also a weakness as of now.

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The opportunity is huge as flour is a dominant part of meals in India.

The threat is the entrance of other players in the market by copying the idea.


wastED is a bootstrapped business so far.


Radhika studied architecture at the University of Sheffield and is running a successful snacking business. She takes care of Product Development, Operations, Procurement, and logistics at wastED.

A Bachelor of Business Administration, Dishita also runs a marketing agency by the name of The Orange Bulletin. She takes care of Marketing and sales at wastED.

Rewards and Recognition

The startup has been covered by the coveted news platform, News18. They have been covered in a lot of brewery magazines.


what is wasted all about?

wastED is a startup that focuses is utilization of Brewer’s spent grain (BSG) or draff, a food waste that is a byproduct of the brewing industry that makes up 85 percent of brewing waste.

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