Inzpira[A new startup helping students in learning English in 2021]


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Inzpira is a one-to-one English teaching EdTech Startup 

What is Inzpira?

Inzpira is basically an online English language teaching startup, that lets the users instantly connect with the trainer and start learning from anywhere at any time, founded by Mr.Rohith Namboothiri, and Ms.Sruthy Ramesh in the year 2020.

Founded with the goal of “helping the students to explore better Job Opportunities or study or settle abroad through their partners”

Inzpira is a “supervised marketplace for on-demand Live Training platform for test preparation such as IELTS”  

Startup Inzpira
Founded Sep 2020
Headquarters Trivandrum, India
Products Educational Services
Revenue Model Subscriptions,B2C

How did Inzpira start?

During his schooling, along with his family, Rohith has moved to Bengaluru where he realized that he cannot speak English at all, not even a single line. Assisted by his teachers, he started watching Al Jazeera, BBC News, to learn English but nothing has worked. He started teaching himself with stories, Real Life Incidents which have become the crux of Module.

Fast forward to the present, when Rohith came back to Trivandrum and started working in a company, where he met his co-founder, Sruthy, while they were discussing Sruthy has told him that she had faced similar challenges in learning English.

Inzpira Idea came into effect in early 2016, when it was an offline organization institute, Bootstrapping with INR 5000, this duo purchased Domain & Hosting, and digitized the offline organization to online in September 2020, but Inzpira2.0 is founded in Feb 2021. 

Here is a quick overview of Inzpira


Where does it stand now?

This Trivandrum-based startup has been started in 2016 with a team of 2 and has grown to a headcount of 23 in 2021.

It has reached its services in over 12 countries,  and had served over 15000+ students, had completed 500000+ sessions completed, and has over 160+ Trainer Partners registered under its platform.

Driving Factor

Mr.Rohith has always been an entrepreneurship geek, he worked as a freelancer at the age of 14, Many years down line after all that work with the corporate world, he thought to do something different, and that’s how he started his career in entrepreneurship. 

Exclusive Features

  • Personality Development
  • Leadership Skills Development
  • Interview Skills
  • Business Communication
  • Individual Coaching

Area of Operations

This duo-founded startup has been its users from countries like India, Middle Eastern countries Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE. It has grown its market in the south-east Asian countries of Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia as well since its commencement.

Targeted Market

 This edtech startup has been targeted the users of early & Mid-career working professionals between the age of 21-48 years.

Courses Offered

This One-to-One based startup has a wide range of courses depending upon the time span, no of classes like

  • Spoken English hybrid Course – 10 classes
  • Spoken English & Personality Development – Video course
  • Standard IELTS Course – 30 Hours
  • Online IELTS Course – 4 Weeks
  • Spoken English video course
  • Online IELTS & Language development Program – 8 weeks
  • Personality Development – Malayalam
  • Spoken English Hybrid Course – 8 hours
  • Online IELTS Course – 8 weeks
  • Platinum IELTS Course – 50 hours
  • Ultimate IELTS Course – 60 hours


Pricing of Courses

This Soft-skills development startup has a range of pricing from INR 499 to INR 17999.

Inzpira Funding

This duo-formed Trivandrum-based startup has raised INR 25 Lakhs in its early pre-seed round of funding from the well-known Mumbai-based venture capital Network,100x.VC.

According to Mr.Namboothiri “we are in talks with few Angels to raise our Next round of funding”

Inzpira Founders

Mr.Rohith Namboothiri, the CEO, MBA in International Business

Ms.Sruthy Ramesh, COO


inzpira edu solutions private limited

Inzpira has been Registered under RoC-Trivandrum

App on Playstore?

Inzpira has its Android App on Google Playstore

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