Fresh For Paws (How this new startup is making healthy food for pets in 2023)

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Fresh For Paws is an animal food manufacturing startup.

What is Fresh For Paws?

Founded in June 2018, Fresh for Paws is the brainchild of Srishti Bhatia. Her own pet, Vanilla, has been her inspiration behind starting the brand. It is based on ready-to-eat technology. It ensures that both the freshness of the food and nutritional values remain intact.

Every meal is prepared, delivered, and proportioned for a specific pet’s calorie intake. It requires no scooping, defrosting, or guesswork.

It includes high-quality proteins, nutrient-rich vegetables & fruits, and the vitamins and minerals a dog needs. It is convenient, lightweight & easy to carry.

Each fresh paws’ meal is free of fillers, and grain–free and made with ingredients from nature. The company also does not add any synthetics (vitamins or minerals).

The vision of the startup is “to make food a healthier, nutritious, and tastier experience for pet dogs.”

The mission “is to help as many pet parents as possible for them to have access to safe and nutritious pet food.”

Startup Fresh For Paws
Founded 2018
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Products Pet Food
Revenue Model B2B, D2C

How did Fresh for Paws start?

Fresh for Paws started due to the founder’s love and interest in the diet and nutrition of her own pet.

It was her focus on what was going inside her dog’s bowl that made her realize that she could create a space where any such pet parent could have access to fresh and healthy pet food.

Fresh For Paws Overview

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Market Penetration

The founder had a challenging time as she was young and unaware of how to run a business. She did not have many connections in the pet industry. There were many circumstances where she was not taken seriously.

Area of Operation

Currently, the company is operational in India. They plan to expand globally but ship throughout India presently.


Team building, as with most startups, is a challenge for Fresh for Paws. The team currently is thus small.

Revenue Model

The company runs on both B2B and D2C models of revenue, the former being the predominant one.

Sales Turnover

The sales turnover for the first year of business for Fresh for Paws was around INR 80,000. Today, they are generating more than INR 1 Cr.

Future Expansion Plans

The plan for the next 5 years is to build a space in the international market as an Indian homegrown pet food market.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of this startup is its product. The ingredient list is transparent, and the recipes are unique with durable shelf life and appropriate nutritional value.

The weakness is team building at this moment. Marketing is also something that the founder feels requires more work.

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The opportunity is huge as the pet food market in India itself is a 2000CR market.

The threat is competition and lack of awareness regarding specific and natural pet foods among pet parents.

Fresh For Paws Funding

The founder made the first investment herself out of her savings, a total of INR 50,000. The startup is bootstrapped so far.

Fresh For Paws Founder

Srishti, a commerce graduate from Delhi University, has always been passionate about dogs and wanted to turn this passion into her career. Hence Fresh for Paws was born on June 13, 2018.

Confident and clear from the very beginning that she wanted to create her own business venture, Fresh for Paws is something that is extremely close to her heart.

The recipes are her very own creations that are devised and worked upon after intensive research on every ingredient and careful calculation of its nutritional value that’s done by Srishti herself.

It took almost two years of work on them before Fresh for Paws became a reality. Srishti is also a Certified Canine Nutritionist.

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Rewards and Recognition

1. Merger with Pawfect Pet Foods.

2. Won the Indian Pet Industry Award for the Pet Food of The Year and the founder, Srishti Bhatia won the 2nd Runner Up in the Pet Entrepreneur of  The Year (Female) Category in the Indian Pet Industry Awards hosted by IIPTF in April 2021.

3. They participated in the Delhi Pet Fed 2018 and won the People’s Choice Best Chef Award.


Why fresh for paws is unique?

Each fresh paws’ meal is free of fillers, and grain–free and made with ingredients from nature. The company also does not add any synthetics (vitamins or minerals).

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