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Perception Management Consulting Pvt Ltd is a Business Consulting and Services startup

What is Perception Management Consulting?

Perception Management Consulting Pvt Ltd helps clients to evolve as efficient organizations by bringing together perspectives and functional expertise from a wide range of industries, to build capabilities and deliver customized solutions for our clients to optimize their organizational value.

The vision of the startup is “To emerge as a superior strategic management auditing, consulting and training firm having transnational presence through strong global partnerships.”

The mission is “To create business value for our clients that return many multiples of their investment.”

Startup Perception Management Consulting Pvt Ltd
Founded 2010
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Products Consulting services
Revenue Model B2C

How did it Start?

Perception Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (PMC) was formally established on 12th November 2010 as a privately held corporation incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 domiciled in New Delhi, India by its Founder Mr. Vinod K. Pandita, a production engineering graduate from a reputed University in India and certified professional in the field of strategy, standards, sustainability, safety, and skills.

With a great passion for entrepreneurship, he conceived a management consulting business way back in 1997, when he said goodbye to the corporate world after serving India’s three large corporates for only 4 years in different roles as Production, Supplier Quality Assurance, Procurement, and Techno-Commercial professional.

PMC was conceived and established primarily to assist small and medium businesses with strategic growth and to be their preferred management consulting partner for all their business needs especially specific to quality assurance, lean, and human resource management advisory. Perception Management Consulting screenshot

During the period from 1997 to 2006, he was exposed to cross-industry practice and got an opportunity to work with many SMEs, corporates, public sector companies, and many national-level institutions as a young management consultant supported by subject matter experts. His relentless efforts made his consulting approach speak for the quality of service quality and he continued delivering what was required by his clients.

Building on these successes, in the year 2006, he put together a young team of experts and incepted Perception Business Consulting Solutions as a proprietary company and started delivering consulting services based on an all-inclusive and integrated approach. Quality Assurance became the value-creating link between OEMs and their suppliers as part of various consulting service models created over a period of time.

The team partnered with majors like General Motors, Whirlpool, and John Deere, helping their suppliers achieve global standards and embed ethical practices. Their cluster approach resulted in Indian supplier SMEs access to world-class consulting services at the most cost-effective fee.

Its resounding success paved the way for the inception of Perception Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd. After the successful closure of 180 cross-industry projects in 2014, PMC has today emerged as a strategic management consulting firm, capable of globally delivering thematic Auditing, Consulting, and Training service solutions under five Functional.

Quick Overview 

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Growth Rate

The growth in terms of revenue has been relatively stagnant but the growth in terms of exposure and experience has been 20x.

Sales Turnover

The average annual revenue for the company has been between INR1-3 crores.

Market Penetration

When the founder started, it was a game of offline networking rather than online marketing. While it worked for them initially, in today’s digitally forward scenario, the company’s digital presence requires more rigor, feels the founder.

Revenue Model

The company runs on a B2C model.

Expansion Plans

The plan is to grow to INR 50 crores in net revenue with the right people and go global.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of the company is its expertise in the services that it provides. The founder’s 30 years of experience is an advantage for the firm.

The weakness is that they are not technologically as evolved as others in current times.

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The opportunity is immense in the consulting services today.

The threat is the uncertainty of the repeatability of clients. The sudden bombardment of online influencers is also a threat, the founder feels.

Perception Management Consulting Funding

The initial capital that the founder utilized for the commencement of the company was the sum of INR 1 Lakh. Perception Management Consulting is a bootstrapped company so far.


Vinod K Pandita is the founder and CEO of Perception Management Consulting Pvt Ltd. He has completed his Bachelor of Technology in Production Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, Aurangabad.


Who is the founder of Perception Management Consultancy Pvt Ltd?

Vinod K Pandita is the founder and CEO of Perception Management Consulting Pvt Ltd.

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