The Fin Lit Project (how this new startup is helping people to become financially literate in 2023)

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The Fin Lit Project is a financial education platform startup.

What is The Fin Lit Project?

The Fin Lit Project is a premium financial education and investment platform. Established in 2020 by Ms. Neha Misra and Dr DC Misra, in the last 2 years has conducted more than three hundred programs and trained over ten thousand individuals across U.P. and India on financial literacy and financial technology education in collaboration with SEBI, NISM, NSE Academy, PFRDA and other organizations.

The Fin Lit Project has educated individuals in technology around avenues of personal finance, sustainable finance, and emerging fintech and has served institutes like IITs, IIIT and organizations like, Consensys, Indian Navy, GBA, UNDP, Coursera, Dell, and Cognizant via its app available on play store and iOS.

They are building an AI-powered investment advisory supported by micro-courses and quizzes on finance and fintech via The Fin Lit Project App for technology professionals to address the financial literacy gap in India.

The vision of the startup is “to make finance and fintech simple and accessible to everyone”

The team believes that financial literacy is the skill of managing the finances. It starts with practicing financial attitude and financial behavior leading to financial capability. As per a study conducted by S&P 75% of the eligible adult population is financially illiterate.

In normal course, financial terms appear to be complicated and the public at large feels uncomfortable in coping with those terms. The team aims to take financial literacy to a minimum of forty percent by the end of the next five years.

Though this is a humongous task, they have devised various micro courses in such a way that attaining the set target would not be difficult for them.

The mission is “to make people adept at managing their personal finances by embracing financial literacy as a way of life”

The Fin Lit Project believes that education can help people navigate the financial system with ease. They have decided to focus on high-quality financial education through robust research, decision-making tools, and reliable interventions.

Since education alone cannot create financial well-being numerous factors include an individual’s ability to apply or not apply education to a specific situation the purpose is to spread financial literacy by inculcating it as a financial behavior that transforms financial attitude.

Startup The Fin Lit Project
Founded 2020
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Products Educational courses
Revenue Model Fee payment

Quick Overview

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How did it start?

The Fin Lit Project believes that Financial Literacy is everyone’s right. With a little bit of effort, everyone deserves to know how to make money work for them.

Understanding Financial Jargons and making them everyday terms is the motto and the team attempts to go beyond classroom teaching into the real world of bulls and bears.

Comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge are necessary to help consumers understand the most complex terms that one has ever come across in finance.

Target Market

The target market is people who need finance literacy and need to understand how finance works, from basics to advanced.

Revenue Model

A fee is to be paid by consumers for access to the courses provided by the team at The Fin Lit Project.

Business Type

The business model is B2C for this startup.


There are many players in the market but many such have turned out to be collaborators. More than the competition, the fin-influencers are a threat because of the possibility of spreading misinformation.

Expansion Plans

Primarily the focus is on spreading a base in India and a couple of extra features, making the expansion plans more horizontal than vertical.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of the startup is the 15+ educators it has with the incredible knowledge base.

The weakness is that the team has yet not capitalized a lot on the marketing aspect of the startup.

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The opportunity is immense as the world is increasingly becoming aware of financial literacy.

The threat is fin-influencers where partly educated people are spreading misinformation about finance.


Neha Misra is the CEO of the startup who has completed her education at IIT Madras, IIM Bengaluru, and IIT Delhi and has also been associated with SEBI.

Rewards and Recognition

The Fin Lit Project is supported by STPI, Kalam Centre- AKTU, IIIT, and Bombay Stock Exchange and strives to improve financial literacy through its app across India.

The Fin Lit Project has been featured in The Hindustan Times, The Times of India, The Pioneer, The New Indian Express, Female Tech Leaders UK & Brazil, The Statesman, The Leaflet, and the Deccan Herald.

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The Fin Lit Project has won the Indian Achievers Award 2020-21 for Best Emerging Company, Tie Global Pitch Competition Runners Up Award 2022, the Silver Award at IIT Delhi sponsored by DST, and the Fintech India Innovation Award at Convergence Pragati Maidan in 2022.

Recently they have also been selected to participate at the Extraordinary Women in Tech Conference at San Francisco which has been selected for International Event support under Start in UP.


What is The Fin Lit Project?

The Fin Lit Project is a premium financial education and investment platform. In the last 2 years has conducted more than three hundred programs and trained over ten thousand individuals across U.P. and India on financial literacy.

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