Icepice (A food and beverage startup delivering milkshakes, sundaes, and desserts in 2024)

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Icepice is a food and beverage startup.

What is Icepice?

Icepice is a food and beverage service founded in the year of 2017 in Gurgaon. It is all about milkshakes, sundaes, and other desserts. This duo-founded start-up provides food delivery services to potential consumers and has partnered with Zomato and Swiggy.

“Our vision was to make a future for a kid as we were forced into this lifestyle and we want to encourage other housewives to do the same,” says the founder.

Startup Icepice
Founded 2017
Headquarters Gurgaon, India
Products Milkshakes, sundaes and other desserts
Revenue Model B2B

How did Icepice start?

It all started in March 2017 when the founder of this food and beverages-based startup Miss Jyoti Yadav husband passed away due to cancer. She was left alone with two young kids with a lot of financial strain. The founder had no money in her bank balance and she was greatly troubled by her financial, social, and emotional stress. Then she realizes that she has to do something for herself and try to secure the future of her kids.

The founder earlier was a housewife and then she met Deepshikha. Founders realized that both of them wanted to do something for the future and start a company. Both of the founders had a great interest in food and considered themselves as food. That made them realize that they should start a company that operates in the food and beverages industry.

The founders researched for about six months about which food items they should start selling. they realize that they should focus more on desserts like shakes, sundaes, cakes, and others. The founders started this from their own homes and after reaching a hundred-plus customers they opened their own outlet.

Icepice Quick Overview

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Revenue Model

The startup operates in a B2B revenue model when it comes to online marketing. The start-up has partnered with other food delivery services which is a business-to-business revenue origin.

On the other hand, this duo-founded start-up has a business to consume a revenue model as it directly serves the consumers in an offline format.

Icepice competitors

“Currently our competitors are KeVenters and other big players in the market who deal with desserts.” says the founder.

Market Penetration

The food industry has a high morality and meditating on the market of the food and beverages industry is very difficult. The founders faced a lot of issues while starting their business because there were a lot of competitors in the market who played a dominant role in providing the consumers with the type of food they started targeting. As female entrepreneurs, they also face a lot of difficulties while penetrating the market.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of the startup can be the reasonable rates and the good food items that are offered to the consumers. Another strength is the packaging.

On the other hand, the weaknesses can be that the food items are categorized as unhealthy.

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Opportunities can be expanding to different cities and towns as everybody loves deserts.

The threat can be the aggregators because they are charging too much.

Icepice Funding

Currently, it is a bootstrap company and it’s profitable but last year the team raised 30 lakhs from friends and family.

Icepice Founders

Jyoti Yadav founded Ice Pice, also she is a passive partner at Bhaifi.  Ice Pice is a popular milkshake and dessert brand in Delhi NCR. Started our first branch in 2017, and turned profitable in Oct 2018. Also, she is the Co-founder of Gheeshakkar.

Deepshikha is the Co-founder of  Ice Pice.


What is Icepice ?

Icespice is a food and beverages service founded in the year of 2017 in Gurgaon. It is all about milkshakes, sundaes, and other desserts.

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