White collar legal [How This New Founder Is Helping Individuals And Companies With Their Legal Services In 2024]

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White Collar Legal is a Legal Consultancy Startup.

What is White collar legal?

White Collar is a law Firm that provides legal services to all individuals and companies founded in the year 2013 by Kunal Sarpal. White Collar Legal LLP is an award-winning boutique corporate and intellectual property law firm specializing in early-stage companies. It provides consultancy services to individuals and companies who are in their early stages of development.

Startup White collar legal
Website whitecollarlegal.in
Founded 2013
Headquarters Pune, India
Products Marketing
Revenue Model B2B

How did it start?

Kunal has a background in law. He came up with this idea when he started doing internships under different types of lawyers in the early stages of his career.

Kunal realized that there is a lot of deficiency when it comes to providing services especially those that are based on law, the types of services that lawyers are supposed to give to their clients are very personal and as there is no uniform structure it is difficult to manage that. A lot of lawyers Miss hearings and dates.

This Pune-based startup came up with a goal which fill the gap in the market about how lawyers can be organized to provide their services in a better way. So, In the last seven years, this Solo-founded start-up up grown a lot and has a lot of people requiring legal consultancies and help.

Here is a quick overview

White Collar Legal Flyer

Growth rate

There are 44 funded clients with 94% retention rates. There are 1268 current clients.

Sales turnover

“Our sales have been about 30 to 50,00,00,000s rs of turnover,” says Kunal,

Revenue model

This Pune-based start-up is raising funds for this client there is a commission of 3%. If the charge is done according to legal consultancy provided to the clients, then this solo-founded start-up charges the clients based on time provided which can be monthly or assignment basis.

The companies That are given service from this start-up Are given legal outsourcing benefits in which they are required to charge these companies for legal consultancy.


This law firm provides three types of services to the consumers or the clients.

The first type of legal service that is provided by this Pune-based start-up is to provide legal service, so if any company has to start they are required to legalize itself, it has to audit itself and manage its taxes. So, this solo-founded start-up makes their agenda to help these start-ups in their early stages.

Second is the fundraising requirements that are required by some companies. This law firm-based start-up helps them to collect funds for the companies and the third service that is provided is to help people and clients to expand themselves in the market.

The clients

Maharaja bhog.

Flame university.




There are a lot of firms and companies that are doing the same thing as this Pune-based start-up however the approaches taken up by these companies and start-ups are very old-fashioned and outdated.

How successful is Whitecollar legal?

“I would still believe that the company is in its initial stages even though we have completed  seven years, we are now taking up bigger clients so I am very optimistic about the future.” Says Kunal.

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Exclusive features

● Formation, Compliance, and Closure of Companies/LLPs/Partnership firms/Firms.

● Business Setup Services.

● Certification and Licensing.

● RBI and FEMA Compliance.

● Secretarial, Legal, and Due Diligence Audits.

● Corporate Law and Taxation Advisory.

● Verification and Searches.

● Maintenance Assistance and MCA Services.

● Legal Drafting.

● Intellectual Property Protection and Monetisation/Technology Transfer – Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, Geographical Indications.

● Employment/Labor Law Compliances.

● Arbitration.

● Infrastructure and Project Finance arrangements.

● NGO, Trust, Society, Section 8 – Not-for-Profit Formation & consequent Compliance.

● Investment Raising and Documentary Execution- Term sheet, Shareholders Agreement, Post funding Compliances.

● Right to Information Requests.

● Property Matters.

Expansion Plans

“We follow a slightly different approach because initially people had multiple offices and we realized.

We are required to hire a few people who are of top quality, right now we are standing at a team of 50 members” says Kunal.

“From the location perspective we are opening two branches in Bangalore and Germany,” says Kunal.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of this start-up is that the company is still in its young stages and has a lot of room for development and growth.

This Pune-based company has a more modern approach to world legal problems and provides legal consultancy in a systematic and organized manner which is lacking in the other big players in the market.

The weakness could be the hiring of the employees because the company requires polished and experienced employees.

White collar legal swot

The market is very big and there are a lot of opportunities for growth and development in this area.

The threat is how foreign companies are penetrating the Indian market and how the competition is increasing day by day.

White collar legal Funding

Initially, the company was working on the bootstrap level, Kunal invested one lakh rupees in the beginning stages however right now the capital has been increased up to 30 lakhs and more.


Kunal Sarpal initiated the idea of the startup when he was 20 years old just after graduating from his college. Initially, the 2-3 years were very tough and no one was in business.

In terms of shareholding Kunal is the main shareholder. Right now in the present, there are partners for this law-based company.


Who is the founder of white collar legal?

Kunal Sarpal is the founder and he initiated the idea of the startup when he was 20 years old just after graduating from his college.

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