Digiwill[A New Growing Startup in Smart Asset Management Industry in 2022]


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Digiwill is a financial inheritance solution

What is digiwill?

Digiwill is a Digital Platform based on a smart contract that aims to ensure that the consumer’s digital assets are not lost or fall into the wrong hands, founded by Ajinkya Thakur and Prateek Saoji in the year,2021, with blockchain technology, this innovative service is possible to safely leave all the person’s digital assets to their loved ones.

The mission of this startup is to “make communication about investments and assets easy and safe”.

Startup Digiwill
Website yourdigiwill.com
Founded 2021
Headquarters Pune, India
Products Smart Asset Management
Revenue Model B2C

How did Digiwill start?

When CEO, Ajinkya was 18, he and his brother both were working on a farm, Their dad was working in Tata motors, Nobody studied entrepreneurship however they had a general idea about entrepreneurship.

While working on the farm, both brothers realized that they wanted to start something of their own and they started off with a fish farming business. Gradually step by step, the founder and his brother got into retailing.

After the completion of under graduation Mr.Thakur, he got into an internship in marketing. After that, he started being an independent trader of his own.

In 2018 he got the opportunity to collaborate with the firm he interned in. Being into economics, and having prior knowledge about trading and financing gave the founder an edge to sort things out and work through his dreams.

After becoming a father he realized that he needs the means to communicate his finances and funds to his kid. He wanted to solve this problem with tech and came up with the idea of Digiwill.

Here is a quick overview of Digiwill


Digiwill’s Impact on daily life 

Digiwill is all about financial inheritance. The main focus of this financial start-up is that individuals possess a lot of assets and liabilities however they fail to communicate this with others.

These individuals don’t update about this to their families or update their day-to-day expenditures or savings in their own excel sheet

The main motive of this financial start-up is to motivate individuals to keep track of their assets & liabilities and make it more interesting

Another motive of Digiwill is to spread awareness about the importance of keeping records of one’s assets and liabilities, and why it is necessary to keep on updating them.

This is important because this type of systematic recording and updating of accident can prevent unclaimed money accumulation which is very high in India.

Digiwill Features

  • Family Communication
  • Ensurance Plan
  • Lifetime Assurance
  • Invest In
  • Self Express will Draft
  • Hot Deal

Initial Challenges

Ajinkya realized that it was never text-based in India. So getting around that was an initial challenge for him. It required brainstorming for 6 months to figure out the solution to this problem. This made the founder go through different types of legal acts and books to understand the severity of this issue.

He found out that there is no market for will-making. This was an initial challenge for him as he was the new want to bring this idea up in the market.


Expansions Plans

The aim is to acquire half a million users. They are looking forward to 10,000 subscriptions which are the paid users of the app. And getting around all the cities in India via partners. This finance-based startup  wants to make sure that everyone partners up with them and grows as well

Regarding tech, this solo-founded startup wants to develop a live status tracker ai, so it can be simple for the user to track.

How was the team built?

Presently the startup is built around tech. It took them some time but this finance-based platform found the right people within a reasonable amount of time who would meet their requirements.

Digiwill Analysis


It enables the communication of information that should be confidential without jeopardizing it through tech. This gave them an edge over other competitors.


According to Mr.CEO, “we are new to the market”.

Digiwill Funding

Initially, this tech-based startup was self-invested. Ajinkya, himself invested INR 20 lakhs from his own pocket in the start-up.

Currently, there are many investors and partners for digiwill. As This will-writing Indian startup starts rolling out Subscriptions then the revenue is approximate to INR 2.8 Crores.


Digiwill funding

It is self-funded

Digiwill Founders

Ajinkya Thakur, Prateek Saoji

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