KRIYO[ This startup is helping parents to make education and parenting easy in 2023]

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Kriyo is an online management platform. 

What is kriyo?

Kriyo is a preschool daycare management system, it is a free management platform for pre-schools in childcare centers which is trusted by thousands Of educators across hundreds plus countries. It is a one-stop solution built to support early educators to easily manage all their day-to-day activities. It was founded by Suchitra Das, and Shashidhar Reddy in the year 2017.

This Hyderabad-based startup focuses on staying connected with parents through online medium and going digital has become very crucial. Kriyo helps parents find the right form of preschool for their children and helps them manage the education of their children, especially in the early stages.

The main vision is to bring only transformation and digitalization in the early stages of childhood learning, ” says the founder.

“The main mission is to make women go back to their work offices and working places after maternity leave.” says the founder.

Startup Kriyo
Founded 2017
Headquarters Hyderabad, India
Products Mobile application
Revenue Model B2b,B2c

How did it start?

“We started our company in the year 2017 and we came up with the funding. It started when I was working at Amazon and all of my friends are also working at Amazon.” Says The founder.

As the founder and her friends were all working mothers, they were facing excruciating pain searching for daycare centers and care centers for their young babies and children.

That time the founder and friends came up with the idea that young working women should not face these problems of finding safe daycare centers and management areas.

That motivated the founders to work on a system that gives a Platform to find proper daycare centers for the children.

The founder realized that parents feel like a black box when they keep their children in any of the centers because they don’t know what is happening with their children in the first place.

The founder also realized that there were problems faced by both the daycare centers and the parents as well.

The teachers face difficulty in administrative and other tasks. The main agenda of the founder was to make the lives of the parents as well as the young educators who are teaching these young children and babies.

Quick Overview

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Initial challenges

“I was neither a mom nor a preschool teacher, I have no experience in both perspectives. However, I realize that there are a lot of problems around this situation and a lot of young women who wear them in the working arenas are going through this issue. I just wanted to understand the pain point of both sides and that’s why I realize that I need to conduct research for it,” says the founder.

The main challenge was being a silent observer in pre-schools and other educational institutions in understanding the problems of the people.

There were a lot of issues the people were facing at that time regarding their child’s educational services and what is the type of education that is required for child development.

The founder went around all the preschools to try to understand the services given by the preschool. Conducting interviews with parents of young children was also one of the initial challenges faced by the founder of this educational-based startup.

How kriyo is unique?

This educational-based startup promises that this application is very easy to use for parents and other preschool educators. Any sort of educator can make their school digital in five minutes with the use of this application.

Once you start using the product you’ll realize how reliable the product is, The process of approaching it becomes easy with the usage of Our applications as the founder.

This Ed-tech application also provides a lot of services and tools that are easy to use and meet the requirements of the consumers.

Customers of Kriyo

-kid zee


-Maple bear


-Jain toddlers


-Rio preschool

-my little university

-tots toddlers

Sales turnover

“After the pandemic, we decided to make the application free for everyone so that everybody could have access to it.” says the founder.

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How successful is Kriyo in achieving its goal?

The kind of user experience that we are offering is 4.9 stars in rating. We have reached out to customers who live in Malaysia, Zimbabwe, and other countries like that. It is very fulfilling for us to be able to convince customers to use our application and pay for it even though they haven’t met us in the first place.

I believe this is one of the factors that says that we’re really successful in achieving our goals. We’re motivating women to go back to work after giving birth to their child and we believe that we are making changes in society says the founder.


Attendance: Parents can be assured of the Child’s presence at the School.

Multiple children management: Parents can view the updates of all their children in the same app.

Instant updates: Parents will receive live notifications on their mobile for all the updates from school!

Photos/videos: Cherish and Share lovely moments of children at the School.

Food: Keep an eye on how well the child is eating while at School.

Health updates: Updates on sickness, medication, and growth of the child.

Learning & Development: Track the Child’s learning progress and make timely interventions.

Communication with teachers: No need to switch to another app to communicate with the Teacher.

Kriyo journey

I am very grateful and optimistic about the journey, after the pandemic we thought that we had hit a slum but we realized that the pandemic gives a lot of opportunities for expanding educational institutions through an online medium.

We want to encourage women to go back to work and be carefree about their children when they keep them in daycare centers. Altogether the business has been successful and it’s growing and bringing more awareness among the consumers. says the founder.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of this educational-based startup is that it is very unique and easy.

The weakness of the start-up can be that only the consumers understand the true potential and requirements of this area of the market.

Kriyo swot

Opportunity can be the understanding of trends and learning techniques which are very important for children right now.

Threats can be the stereotypical point of view about online learning.

Kriyo’s Funding

Initial funding and capital were at the bootstrap level of this Hyderabad-based start-up. The revenues have been made since the pilot as well. This makes the founders of this tech startup really proud.

In the first two months, they also wanted to experiment with whether this application would get paid customers, two months from the pilot stage there were about 40+ preschools that were paying for the application for education management.


Suchitra Das is the founder of Kriyo and has a background from IIM Ahmedabad.

Shashi Reddy is the head of this application and is from ISB Hyderabad.


Why Kriyo is unique?

This educational-based startup promises that this application is very easy to use for parents and other preschool educators. Any sort of educator can make their school digital in five minutes with the use of this application.

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