Riding Rangers[How this New Startup is reinventing hyper-local delivery sector in 2023]

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Riding Rangers is a Hyper-Local delivery startup 

What is Riding Rangers?

Riding Rangers is a hyperlocal delivery service. The startup has its own riders who get the orders delivered within the cities for different companies. For instance, if a bread manufacturer wants its product to be delivered within the same city from point A to point B, the riders at Riding Rangers will do that within the same day.

The startup was founded by Riya Aggarwal and Anchit Kohli during the pandemic, in 2020

The vision is “to make it a PAN India hyperlocal delivery company”.

The mission is “to save customers’ time and make timely delivery for them”. Clients can also collaborate with the startup for its brand marketing.

Startup Riding Rangers
Website riding-rangers.ueniweb.com
Founded 2020
Headquarters Delhi, India
Products Hyperlocal delivery service
Revenue Model B2B,B2C, One Time Payment

How did it Start?

This Delhi-based startup commenced during the pandemic when delivery services had taken a halt. The founder faced issues in receiving medicines for her dogs as the relevant chemists were located at a significant distance. This made the founder realize that this is an issue that many people may be facing which eventually led to the inception of Riding Rangers.

The startup began by associating with NGOs. They helped in feeding stray dogs, transferring animals, etc. Then they tied with hospitals and delivered meals, oxygen cylinders, and injections. This entire process slowly developed into building a startup dedicated to delivering perishable items within the same day.

Quick Overview of Riding Rangers

riding rangers overview

Growth Rate

One of the major clients of Riding Rangers is Heads Up for Tails, one of the leading pet brands in the market. They are also eyeing associations with companies like Puma and Levis in the near future. This is the traction that Riding Rangers has received sans spending a single penny on marketing and customer acquisition, claims the founder.

Sales Turnover

For FY2020-21, the total revenue made by this logistics startup was INR 60 lakhs. For FY2021-22, the startup is looking to make INR 1.3 crores in revenue.

Area of Operation

This Delhi-based startup initially operated from Mumbai but when it became difficult to manage a business in Mumbai from Delhi, they shifted it entirely to Delhi-NCR. Right now, Riding Rangers is based and functions in Delhi-NCR.

 Market Penetration

The target market is any company that has perishable products, heavy-weight products (as weight-based courier services are expensive and Riding Rangers charges only on the basis of distance, not the weight of the product to be delivered), the pet industry, retail industry, the fashion industry, or any other product based company.


The team started with 2 founders and currently stands with a team of 55+ Riding Rangers.

Targeted Market

The Target market is any company that has perishable products, heavy-weight products (as weight-based courier services are expensive and Riding Rangers charges only on the basis of distance, not the weight of the product to be delivered), pet industry, retail industry, fashion industry, or any other product based company.

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Revenue Model

The revenue model is based on a per-kilometer basis. The startup charges a fee on the basis of the distance covered for a particular order. In other words, it runs on a one-time payment model.


There is no direct competition, the founder believes, as, in this particular segment, no other company is providing customizations that Riding Rangers is like cash on delivery, product security, and receiving facilities.

Yet, some of the indirect competitors for Riding Rangers are Porters, WeFast, and Pidge. While Porters and WeFast are more of a C2C brand, Pidge is more company-oriented but, for instance, they also do not do CODs if there are more than 10 orders per day.

Expansion Plans

The plan currently is to expand in other metro cities like Mumbai and Bangalore first and then further to PAN India.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of this Logistics startup lies in its flexibility and adaptability to working as per its partner’s needs.

The weakness is that it is currently lacking in relevant technology.

riding rangers swot

The opportunity here is that deliveries are the need of the hour and from customers to companies, everyone is heavily relying on the same. Plus, there is no threat of a pandemic with this startup.

There is no threat as such, since something as uncertain as a pandemic is actually a boon for the startup, feels the founder.

Riding Rangers Funding

The initial capital for Riding Rangers was INR 1 lakh seed investment and it was completely bootstrapped.

Rewards & Recognition

Riding Rangers has been featured and interviewed by the Indian Express, as one of India’s top 5 hyperlocal delivery services.

They also received an award for Best Startup and Best Young Entrepreneur from the India Achievers Forum in 2020.


Riya Aggarwal is an Economics graduate from Delhi University

Anchit Kohli has completed his BBA from Bharati Vidyapeeth.

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