CaptainX[A New Online gaming startup growing rapidly in 2022]


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CaptainX is an Online fantasy gaming startup

What is CaptainX?

CaptainX is an online fantasy cricket application launched in February 2021, Founded by Mrs. Debodyuti Das Mandal.

Right now the main focus of this tech-based start-up is cricket. This is an online platform where users can create their own virtual teams and participate in various contests.

They provide various contests on their platform where users can join with their virtual teams by paying a pre-disclosed joining fee. Upon winning the contests the users get the winning amount in their in-app wallet which they can withdraw into their personal bank account.

The mission is to “encourage the users to play more fantasy sports using their knowledge and skills as this is a ‘Skill Based’ game & want to bring awareness that fantasy cricket is not gambling but it’s all about polishing skills and knowledge about the sports”.

Startup CaptainX Fantasy
Founded 2021
Headquarters Kolkata, India
Products Online Gaming Services
Revenue Model B2C, Fee-Based,

How did CaptainX start?

Mrs.Mandal says that as her husband is a passionate sportsman in real life as well as a regular fantasy player for a long time, she got the opportunity to watch a fantasy user very closely.

After realizing the point of view of the users, she got the idea and tried to create a platform with some unique features where users and the company both will experience a win-win situation. She mentioned that her husband is supportive and encouraging of her dream throughout her journey.

Here is a quick overview of CaptainX


Where does Captainx stand now?

Ms.CEO, says that, instead of any comparison with the other competitors, she believes in healthy growth and mutual learning. However, the growth rate is steady and promising since its launching. There is still room for a lot of improvement.

She also informed that the feedback of the users is very satisfactory to date and this is the final comment about the future as users are the ultimate judge.

While starting she was all alone but now in 2022, the headcount of the team has grown to 7

Targeted Market

This Kolkata-based startup has been targeting anyone who is above 18 years of age.

Initial Challenges

The founder, Debodyuti, informed that there were a lot of challenges while penetrating the market. As the startup didn’t have any funding and was running on bootstrap there were a lot of problems and difficulties faced in the initial stages.

she said that with confidence that ‘nothing is impossible’ and they are expecting good growth.

Future Plans

To launch the iOS version of the application and get investors, As of now, the CaptainX fantasy app is only available in the Android Version. They are planning to launch the app for iOS as well very soon. Moreover, the company informed that they want to add more games like football, hockey, etc.., in the app in near future.

Secured Network

The app was built by in-house developers, no help was taken from third-party so that there would be no concerns of safety and security for the users.

CaptainX Funding

The founder reported that initially, the starter was self-funded, She has been using her savings of 5 years from her previous Govt. Job for funding the startup. There are no external investors for the start-up, Till now the team is managing their existing funds very strategically.


SWOT Analysis of CaptainX


  • very unique and attractive interface
  • user friendly features
  • 24*7 customer support
  • 80 hyper-casual games
  • user satisfaction and feedback
  • users massive trust in CaptainX
  • etter understanding of Natural changes mentally & physically



According to Ms.CEO, Lack of funding can be considered a weakness



The market size of online fantasy sports is huge and this can give them a lot of opportunities to attract foreign investment and for their global expansion plans.


As online fantasy sports have a dependency on actual and real sports, the complete and permanent elimination of real sports can be considered a fatal threat to online fantasy sports. Since complete elimination of real sports is not possible. Thus there is no remarkable threat.

What made Debodyuti not give up?

The feedback and faith of the users always encourage the team to go forward and work hard for the growth of the start-up.

Founder’s Background

Mrs.Debodyuti Das Mandal, the CEO, says that she is from a middle-class family and was born and brought up in a city near Kolkata. In her family, no one has a business background and that’s why her family members were quite concerned when she decided to leave a government job and take up entrepreneurship.

She struggled a lot and convinced her parents and in-laws to support her entrepreneurial journey. She has graduated in English literature and always had a keen interest to do something new and unique. Apart from her working, she is a trained singer and a cook by passion

Awards & Accolades

Debodyuti has been awarded

  • “Global 50 Glory Awards 2021” by HBW news
  • “Nationwide Awards – Under 40 Promising Entrepreneurs” by Business Mint
  • “Global Women Entrepreneurship Award 2022” by Grace Ladies Singapore


Does the CaptainX app exist?

Yes , it is available in the Official Website.

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