Radically Yours (How this solo founder is simplifying fundraising for founders in 2022)


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Radically Yours is fundraising facilitating Startup 

What is Radically Yours?

Radically yours is a start-up that aims to connect early-stage founders with investors globally. The startup also ventures into investment banking. The network is built via educational workshops and webinars, Founded by Radhika Bajoria in 2022.

The vision of Radically Yours is “to make the community of founders and investors grow into a substantial space globally”.

The mission of Radically Yours is “to simplify everything for the founders” and is the reason the startup organizes webinars by investors around the globe to give founders an insight into their minds as a meeting would not be possible all the time.

Startup Radically Yours
Website radicallyyours.com
Founded 2022
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Products Fundraising & Advisory services
Revenue Model B2B, Commissions

How did Radically yours start?

This Mumbai-based startup started with the ideology of simplifying fundraising for young founders.

In the startup, there is a series called, “Radical Simplicity”, as the name speaks for itself, they untie the knots of complex topics in the world of investments by capturing insights of investors and leading companies’ founders across industries.

This Solo-founded startup is trying to become storytellers and the purpose is to bring out the unheard stories of how leaders in PE/VC shape up their funds, teams, portfolios, and culture, and bring about the best in each one.

In the process, the startups also get a sense of how radically the investors view the Indian investment landscape and how companies are coming up with innovative business models.

Radically yours Overview


Area of Operations

Based in Mumbai, the startup has members based in the USA and Europe..


The team is referred to as a Troupe in Radically Yours, aligned with the discipline and commitment of an Army force. The executive board currently consists of 9 people.

Targeted Market

There is no particular sector that the startup is targeting. the startup is sector-agnostic when dealing with start-ups as its clients. But Radically Yours is looking for start-ups with a touch of innovation and technology in its clients, rather than the conventional D2C and e-commerce trails.

One of their clients has a start-up based on a hyperloop model. Based in MIT Pune, they are the first in Asia to create a successful prototype under such a model, post Elon Musk introduced it for the first time as a blueprint.

Another start-up that is under Radically Yours develops headgear that releases hormones promoting euphoria in stressful people. These are the kinds of startups this startup is looking to associate with.

Revenue Model 

Radically Yours does not charge a retailing cost for finding suitable investors. But if fundraising successfully happens, the startup charges a commission of 5%.

Sales Turnover

Since the startup is not involved in the selling of products but services, the sales turnover process is a long one for them.

Radically Yours has been in the business for only 2-3months so there have been no sales so far.


This b2b focused startup started with an initial capital of IN₹ 100K and so far, it is completely bootstrapped.

Expansion Plans

Currently, the startup is looking forward to launching a webinar especially dedicated to women in finance.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of the startup is that it is simplifying the world of fundraising for early-stage start-ups.


The weakness lies in the fact that there is a lot of competition out there who are trying to do the same thing.

The opportunity is that despite the competition, there is still a lot of demand by founders to raise money and investments would always be in requirement for founders.

The threat is inventory management. Since it is fairly a simple business to start, anybody could start it at any time.

Awards and Accolades

Ms.Bajoria has been at the receiving end of the following:

  • Youngest in the country to be awarded as the ‘LinkedIn Top Voices, Next Gen 2021’ – a recognition by LinkedIn for India’s top 20 content creators and influencers.
  • Awarded as one of the ‘top 25 most influential women leaders of Mumbai in 2021’ by World Women Leaders Congress.
  • Invited to speak at a TEDx event at the age of 21.
  • Jury Member at ‘The Incredibles’, an initiative by Commscredible to award young social media influencers.


Ms.Radhika Bajoria has a Bachelor’s in management studies and marketing.

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