Vodex (How this new startup is helping companies by bringing AI and emotions together in 2023)

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Vodex is a startup providing technological services for companies.

What is Vodex?

Founded by Anshul Shrivastava and Kumar Saurav in 2022, Vodex is a startup dedicated to the upcoming and latest AI technologies. Vodex is predominantly focused on voice AI technologies like voice generation, voice detection, emotion detection, etc.

Vodex’s model so far is that they put voice-over phone calls. They are currently working on outbound phone calls, including feedback, business generation, sales, marketing, etc. The AI bots can generate very human-like and natural voices.

The vision is to build an AI voice system that engages with customers rather than only responding based on a fixed input.

The mission is to bring human-like responses into the world of automated voices. They aim to develop an engaging conversation between a customer and the bot.

Startup Vodex
Website vodex.ai
Founded 2022
Headquarters Rewa, India
Products Technology services
Revenue Model Subscription

How did Vodex start?

The CEO of this startup, Mr. Anshul, was working on a different start-up from 2019 to 2021. That start-up was called AxleWeb Technologies where he was working on building bot systems. During the building of that start-up, he started building this startup.

Vodex Overview

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How does Vodex work?

To use Vodex, a customer needs to just record their voice message, upload numbers, and run campaigns. Vodex uses AI to make thousands of outbound calls in less than 1 hour and engage in personalized conversation. A customer can get a free trial via the website and can also book a demo for better understanding.

Price models

It offers three models based on pricing.

The basic version is free of cost and comes with 100 minutes of free calling.

The professional version costs INR48,999/year and comes with 1500 minutes of free calling per month.

The enterprise model costs INR2,89,999/year and comes with 10,000 minutes of free calling per month.


The startup comes with many features. There are hundreds of prebuilt templates specifically designed for a customer’s use case. The user can choose any one of the templates to start their automated calling campaign.

The user can record their voice for different scenarios. Their templates have detailed explanations to guide anyone through recording steps.

Businesses can benefit when someone shows interest during an automated phone call campaign by sending them a WhatsApp message automatically.

There is always a section of people who end up not picking up phone calls due to an unfamiliar caller ID. With Vodex, users can show their own phone number as a caller ID to their contacts.

There is also a feature to run an automated phone call campaign in someone’s own voice. Voice clone technology allows a user to convert any text into their own voice.

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Area of Operation

This startup is registered in Rewa. They plan to shift their base to Bangalore by next year.


It started with two co-founders, and now they have a team strength of 4.

Revenue Model

This startup has a SaaS model. They have a monthly subscription fee for access to their platform. The customer is provided with some credits. Once the credits are exhausted, the customer can recharge their account with a desirable amount.

Initial Challenges

Market penetration was not too difficult for this startup. This became possible due to a wide reach by Vodex to develop a clientele base, ranging from real estate developers to automobile dealers.

Future Expansion Plans

Currently, it is planning to develop a solid base in the real estate and automobile sectors as they are receiving significant traction from these industries.

SWOT Analysis

The strength lies in the technology that they are building – voice AI, voice cloning, and voice generation.

Currently, brand positioning is a weakness for Vodex. Also, an increase in the team is a necessity, the founders feel.

Vodex swot

It has opportunities in every industry out there, whether products or services.

Certain government regulations in automated voice systems in countries like the USA can pose a threat in the future.

Vodex Funding

The initial capital was around 4-5lacs. They have also received external funding.


Anshul Shrivastava is the CEO. He has a BE in Information Technology.

Kumar Saurav is the CTO. He has done BE in Electrical and electronics.

Rewards and Recognition

Even though it has just started, it has already received start-up recognition under the Start-up India program being helmed by the Government of India.


What is Vodex's aim?

The aim of Vodex is to develop an engaging conversation between a customer and the bot.

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