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Faad network A one-stop shop for startups

Faad Network Private Limited is recognized as an investor network platform handholding early-stage startups, Founded in the year 2015 by Aditya Arora, Karan Verma, and Dinesh Singh. It is a group of early-stage investors who are looking for investing in early-stage start-ups and the main aim is to find young exciting companies and help them to establish and get capital in the market.

The mission is  “ to get as many start-ups as we can and help them to establish in this market ecosystem” says Mr. Aditya Arora

VC Network Faad Network
Website faad.in
Founded 2015
Headquarters Gurugram, India
Products Financial services,


Revenue Model B2B, RoI

How did Faad Network start?

“Startups in India have a lot of problems”, says Aditya Arora

As a result, This Gurugram-based VC Network started with a vision of being a one-stop shop for startups, the thought that startups face a lot of problems, and funding of course is one of them which was later realized properly but in terms of access to the right network mentorship opportunities in terms of access to legal accounting and subject matter.

The vision is “to be a very active contributor to the starter market. It included working with strategic investors so that it can help startups”.

Here is a Quick Overview of Faad Network

Faad network

Initial Capital

“As much as I know it started hardly with some capital mainly started with our efforts and our innovation” says Aditya.

Growth Rate

From the day this Gurgaon-based VC Network started, in 2 to 3 years it reached up to 500+  start-ups. In 2018, this financial service-based VC firm funded a lot of start-ups. And formally launched in 2018. In the last two years, this trio-founded VC Firm has funded 60+ start-ups  

“We have about 55+ portfolio companies with 180+ start-ups pitched, with 6000+ start-ups evaluated along with 1300+ investors. We have a global presence with IN₹ 50 Crores of funds invested,” says Mr.Arora

It is towards business owners/successful entrepreneurs. It includes about 2nd/3rd generation of entrepreneurs with people who understand the high-risk and hide it in theory in startups. People who have the capacity to invest at least a minimum of 5 to 10% of their investment portfolio into startups

Area of Operations

“We operate in tier one and tier two Cities as we want to reach as much as start-ups and companies in the early stages”, says Aditya Arora.

Revenue Model

In terms of the revenue model, this Gurgaon-based VC Platform charges from the start of their investing in. The portion of fees is charged from the investment so that’s one of the revenue models


“I would not say that there is a competition per se but there is more of a collaboration because we need to make networks for different kinds of investors in order to get them to invest in the early-stage start-ups we are targeting for” says Aditya

Penetration into Market

As the founders or not from the background, it was very hard for them to penetrate the market.

Expansion Plans

“One of the main agendas is to make the start-ups that we are collaborating with help them get more business. If they get more business then it will, directly and indirectly, benefit us”, says Aditya Arora

Faad Network Portfolio

Cleardekho, Fellafeeds, Tattvalogy, Saarthi, stylework, meddelivery, autocode, huviair, Blu Smart, BatterySmart, stones2milestones, Redesyn, Instoried, sugarwatches, Ingenium, flickstree, fabrik, Pencil, Skyber, Quizygames, esportsxo and many more likes of Indian Startups

SWOT Analysis

Strength lies in people who are in the team of this Gurgaon-based VC Network Platform. Each and every member of the team is equally innovative and wants to do something new. They come up with ideas that are very beneficial for the start-up as well. The networking that these members of the team bring is also very beneficial for this investment-based platform.

Faad Network Analysis

Weakness is the efforts put in to attract more quality start-ups

As the Indian Startup ecosystem is booming they can have great opportunities to help and grow with the startups. 

“The threats are that no one has a 100% portfolio so for us tackling that situation is difficult”, says Aditya

Initial Funding

Investors are the people who want to invest in start-ups like corporate banks and high businessmen The investment network was made by meeting thousands of people in the initial stages of this  Gurgaon-based VC Network.

FAAD Network Founder

Dr. Dinesh Singh is a Serial Entrepreneur, with 10+ years of experience in the healthcare domain. He started his career as a medical practitioner, and later he forayed into the hospitality sector working as a health consultant with the likes of Hilton, Radisson, and many more.

From there he moved to work with corporates & PSU like HPCL, IOCL, and GVK group, AFCONS etc.

FAAD has allowed him to interact with numerous entrepreneurs, business owners, CXOs, etc. His work has given him an opportunity to understand both sides of the startup ecosystem


Karan Verma is an Engineer by Education but an Entrepreneur by true spirit. He started his career as a hard-core salesperson in an SME and has handled B2B, Retail, and E-commerce sales at Synergy Environics Ltd.

After his short stint in Sales he started his entrepreneurship journey with Faad Network. Karan is passionate about networking and is responsible for growing the investor community and managing Investor Relations.

Karan is a REX Karmaveer Chakra Awardee for his work in the field of Angel Investments and Promoting Entrepreneurship among youth


Aditya Arora, CEO of FAAD has been recognized as a Successful Young Entrepreneur and Achiever on various National and International platforms. He has been invited to speak and deliver guest lectures at 250+ institutions globally and has won many prestigious awards for his work.

Some of them include “Parliamentary Award”, “Microsoft Top 15 Changemakers of India”,“REX Karamveer Chakra by United Nations”, “National Entrepreneurship Day – Young Entrepreneur of the Year – 2017”, “Indian Achiever Award 2020” and “Youngest Nominee for Padma Shri 2020.”


Who is Aditya Arora

Aditya Arora is the CEO of Faad Network

Faad Network Founder

Aditya Arora, Karan Verma, Dinesh Singh

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