RISE[how this new Ed-tech startup is helping Kashmir students in 2024]

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Rise is an Edtech startup.

What is RISE?

Rise is an educational platform startup that makes sure that Kashmiri students and children are getting an education so that they can be suitable candidates for premium colleges around the country founded by Salman, Mubeen, and Imbesat in Kashmir. This platform makes sure that coaching is provided in the engineering and medical sectors to students in Kashmir.

“The main aim is to change the education scenario of the students in Kashmir”, says the founder.

Startup Rise
Website risewithrise.com
Founded 2018
Headquarters Kashmir, India
Products Education platform
Revenue Model B2c

Rise Overview

Rise flyer

How did Rise start?

“I realized when I went to Kashmir in 2015 that a lot of students in Kashmir are deeply affected by the climate of that state. Some students were unable to complete their education because the political climate was very disturbed in Kashmir. They used to take only 4 to 6 months to prepare for their finals. This was causing a lot of harm to their education in totality,” says the founder.

After this realization, this education startup decided to take responsibility for the education of students in Kashmir.

This is done by providing sophisticated coaching courses in engineering and medical courses to children in Kashmir so that they can prepare to be premium candidates for great colleges across the nation and the world.

Surprisingly, two students from this solo-founded start-up got admission into the Ivy League in the US.

The main responsibility is to meet students who are preparing for US universities and to study abroad.

The main focus is directly coaching students in colleges, and conducting workshops for the betterment of students.

Growth rate

This education-based startup has trained thousands of students for college admissions. The results have been unprecedented. Many of the students have secured admissions to universities such as IITs, NIT, BITS, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and other big universities.


There are three co-founders of this educational platform-based start-up. Initially, recruitment was very problematic because getting talent in this sector is a huge difficulty.

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“We wanted someone who can understand the plight of students in Kashmir because Kashmir has a very disturbed climate. We wanted someone who can understand the pain of students who are going through the issues that are faced again and again in Kashmir.” Says the founder.

“Initially it was very difficult to recruit a team because you are unable to convince people to come to Kashmir and work. If we want some IITian to work in our company it would mostly be from Bangalore or Bombay. Now it’s a fact that no one would like to come from Bombay to work here in Kashmir which causes a lot of difficulty”, says the founder.

Future Expansion Plans

“Currently, we are focusing on the students in Kashmir but we are trying to expand to other states and cities which have similar problems like Kashmir which is students were unable to get a good amount of education in general”, says the founder.

SWOT Analysis

“Strength is that no startup or company has taken the initiative to help the people of all the students of Kashmir. We Are the only people who Are motivated to help Kashmiri students and try to educate them as much as we can for cracking competitive exams or to become great individuals for colleges,” says Salman.

Weakness is the need for more talent in the team.

Rise swot

Opportunities is no need to do a lot more good for the students in Kashmir

Threats can be the disturbed and unreliable climate of Kashmir.

Rise Funding

“We are working at a bootstrap level so as such we don’t have any investors right now”, says Salmaan.


Mubeen graduated from IIT Bombay in 2011 and worked with ZS Associates for one year. He secured 99.99 %ile in the Common Admission Test (CAT)- 2012. Mubeen founded RISE in 2012 with an aim to equalize opportunities for the students of Kashmir. Mubeen is an alumnus of Young Connectors of the Future, Sweden (YCF-2016). Additionally, he is an Acumen India Fellow 2018.

Imbesat pursued an Integrated M. Sc. in physics at IIT Kharagpur. Imbesat has been actively involved in raising awareness about educational opportunities across India and has worked at the National Institute of Scientific Research, in Canada.

He has represented India thrice in the Hult Global Challenge held in Dubai, Shanghai & London. His educational product at RiSE was conferred as one of the top 10 global projects of the Dell Education Challenge.

Salman pursued a B. Tech in Chemical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur. Additionally, he holds a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. He has worked at KAUST, Saudi Arabia.

He was also a part of the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations held in Tokyo, Japan. He designed an Eco-Generator which was awarded Innovation Challenge Grant and ranked among the top 10 globally by Shell Ideas360.


What is the aim of Rise?

The main aim of rise is to change the education scenario of the students in Kashmir. This is done by providing sophisticated coaching courses in engineering and medical courses to children in Kashmir.

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