Proton Labs (How this new startup is helping brands with digital marketing in 2024)

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Proton Labs is a marketing agency.

What is Proton Labs?

Proton Labs is a holistic digital marketing agency that is focused on driving profits via creative solutions. It was founded by Prerna Arora and her brother Kartik Arora in 2021 in New Delhi. The startup looks after advertising and e-commerce marketing of brands.

The startup is also working on an application to achieve the same. The application will target to be more user-friendly, save time on basic communication and processes, and build a smoother and faster service course.

The vision is “to change the way marketing agencies work in India completely in terms of cost efficiency and better communication”.

The mission is “to make digital marketing services accessible and affordable for everyone”.

Startup Proton Labs
Founded 2021
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Products Marketing
Revenue Model Commission

How did it start?

The founder practically started her career in marketing at the age of 16. She worked as a freelancer in marketing and also was associated with a skincare company before she started getting clients on a personal level which made her jump on starting her own marketing venture, Proton Labs.

Proton Labs quick overview

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Growth rate

With a small team, the founder has been able to work with multiple startups and associate with 40+ brands in her tenure with Proton Labs so far. The startup also got backing and collaboration opportunities with IIT Ropar.

Area of operation

The startup is headquartered in New Delhi but deals with clients across India.


Performance marketing for planning advertisements that get customers sales at the lowest cost possible, social media marketing, web development, SEO for reaching the right audience, and photoshoot or video production for professional & creative ads & photoshoots for the product which makes a brand stand out.


Currently, the team comprises 8 people.

Revenue Model

The revenue model of this Delhi-based startup is commission type. Clients pay an advance and the startup works on their needs.

Targeted Market

Even though the clients that Proton Labs deals with are distributed across various industries on a PAN India level, this startup predominantly focuses on fashion brands, and women’s clothing primarily.

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Market Penetration

Since the market today is filled with a lot of marketing agencies, market penetration has been critical for this duo-founded startup. Also, the founder feels that her young age plays as a drawback at times because clients think that she may not have enough experience.

At the same time, the founder feels that digital marketing is more about experimentation than experience, and with the way, marketing is becoming dynamic lately, it would be better to have someone flexible rather than a follower of the good old ways.

Competition for Proton Labs

The way of working for Proton Labs is very different from all the bigger agencies in India, says the founder. This digital marketing startup focuses on content, even while running ads, rather than going after the quantity, claims the founder.

Sales Turnover

This D2C startup began its journey with around 1-2 clients and now, after a year of operation, its revenue stands at INR 30 lakhs.

Expansion Plans

The client base would be expanding outside India as well after it has penetrated enough in India.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of this capital-based startup lies in the fact that it’s young and open to taking risks. It is the adaptability and flexibility that Proton Labs comes with that makes it a marketing agency ready for the unseen.

The weakness is that the founder feels many clients might see the fact that they are young as a lack of experience when compared to the more established digital marketing agencies in India.

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The opportunity is there as today digital marketing is becoming an integral part of positive publicity and promotion of brands and in such a dynamic atmosphere, a startup like Proton Labs could be of immense help, feels the founder.

The threat is the potential competition and players with a lot of capital.

Proton Labs Funding

This D2C startup started with a laptop and wifi connection. No elaborate funding was made by the founder and the startup is, thus, completely bootstrapped.

Proton Labs Founder

Prerna Arora is the founder and CEO of the firm, her brother Kartik Arora primarily helped her with the graphics and designing of her website when she was starting.


What is Proton Labs?

Proton Labs is a holistic digital marketing agency that is focused on driving profits via creative solutions. The startup looks after advertising and e-commerce marketing of brands.

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