Srishta[How this trio founded new startup is growing in 2022]


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Srishta Technology is a mobile app and software development company, that has been recognized by the startup India by the government of India due to the quality of product services and app CMM Launcher

Srishta Technology has a strong  focus on Mobile App Development and Designing with having built over 1000 apps for Android Phones and Android Tablets. This Noida-based startup is uniquely positioned to partner with product and platform leaders in global organizations to create, manage, scale and evolve their product ecosystems

Srishta envisaged is to “be the firm choice of every individual and entrepreneur who has an idea to change the world and want to convert their ideas into reality and can take the leverage of technology and easy accessibility”

Srishta mission is “to become a worldwide hub for emerging technologies and specialists who use them to create intelligent solutions for a smarter world“

Startup Srishta Technology
Founded 2014
Headquarters Noida, India
Products Software & App Development
Revenue Model B2C,B2C, One Time Payment &


How did Srishta Technology start?

Since both the Founders belong to the place where working in technology was like a super job to do, Curiosity and experimenting with technology made them launch the company. Where Now Srishta Technology is dedicated to New Ideas, a New face of technology, New opportunities to change thinking about Technologies, Software Development Etc

Starting a company in the IT industry was a dream of the founder Mr. Abhinav Bhurji, he wanted to provide IT services and software at a very affordable cost so every business could go online at a low cost, His curiosity to learn new skills and his will to do something on his own to start his own venture as a CEO and that’s how it has been started in 2014.

Here is a quick overview of Srishta Technology


Growth Rate of Srishta in 2022

This Noida-based startup has been started with a team of 3 in the year 2014 but has now grown to a total headcount of 15 in the year 2022. The team always believed in quality over quantity so with this ideology as they are Growing.

Exclusive Services

This IT-based startup mainly has app development for platforms like android and iOS. Apart from that, Srishta provides Web App Development, IT Services, E-Learning Software, AWS Cloud Migration, Social Media Management and any custom software development service to technology-based startups and can be categorized as under:


  • Wearable App Development
  • AR App Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development


  • Content Management System
  • Web Designing
  • Web Application Services
  • E-Business and B2B Solutions
  • Web Applications
  • CRM Software

Targeted Audience

According to Mr.Abhinav, CEO ‘Our Target Audience are the people who want to bring their idea into a working model with the help of technology. it might be an individual or any organization. So basically, there are two types of target audiences. It is B2B and B2C Both

Initial Challenges

Mr.Abhinav has said the team mainly faced two challenges:

1. Hiring  and sustaining a team

When an individual starts a venture no one would trust him/her till they prove  that it is the right company and right people to work with where both employees and employer can grow together


2. Onboarding Clients

There was a time when we never said NO to clients, No matter what cost per hour they are paying us. Sometimes we have worked for free. But we are working with the ideology that we will keep working on product and service until our client says it’s brilliant. That’s what helped us to make great relationships with clients and now we have many clients and we are serving more than 55+ countries’ clients

Srishta Funding

Mr.CEO has told us We are a self-made and self-grown start-up,we didn’t raise any funds yet. It doesn’t seem to us fancy Either, we believe in making quality products and services, and we have developed Great products like CMM Launcher which has 1.2 crore users and many investors reached out to us to invest. So luckily our product is going well and as per our experience, we believe you need investors to expand and scale your business not to start your idea.”


Mr.Abhinav Bhurji the CEO of Srishta Technology is a software Engineer

Mr.Abhishek Bhurji – A software Engineer

Ms.Jaypanee Singh Rajpoot- COO of Srishta Technology

Awards & Recognition

1. Top App development company in 2019 by Clutch

2. Top Web development company by Goodfirms

3. Top App Development Company by appfutura

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