JIIF ‘JITO Incubation & Innovation Foundation’ – (Empowering Startups through Community and Investments in 2024)

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JIIF is a wholly owned subsidiary of the worldwide organization JITO.

JITO (Jain International Trade Organisation) is a community-based organization of Jain businessmen, industrialists, and other working professionals. This global organization is focused on empowering the Jain community across the globe.

How did JIIF come into existence?

In 2015-16, when technologies started booming visionaries recognized the potential of emerging technologies to disrupt traditional businesses and came up with the idea of having an in-house support system for the welfare of the community.

And that’s how in the year 2017, JITO birthed JIIF, the Jito Incubation and Innovation Foundation, in response to the evolving landscape of technology to nurture early-stage startups and enable angel investors to fund promising ventures.

Operational Structure

This support startup operates on two verticals:

JIC- JITO Incubation Centre –

Under this vertical emerging startups get support in the form of mentorship. The only condition is that the founder should belong to the Jain community.

JAN- JITO Angel Network

This is the part of investments, where JITO members can invest in startups.

JIIF has incubated 45 startups and invested in over 90 companies, with exits in six ventures after generating 3 times of the initial investments. The Angel investors have invested at even Pre-revenue and Ideation stages for strong foundation ventures in the past.

All the angels belong to the Jain community and can back any rising establishment, if the basic terms and conditions are being adhered to.

The vision of the startup is to contribute to India’s growth story.”

The endeavor aims to create a minimum of 50 startups valued at over 100 crores through the processes of incubation and angel investing.

Their mission involves “partnering with the government to support startups”, ranging from those with lower valuations to more significant players.

Startup JIIF – JITO Incubation and Innovation Foundation
Website jitojiif.com
Founded 2017
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Services Incubation, Investment
Revenue Model Not for Profit organization- helping community founders to expand their businesses
Angel network- Good return on investments

Incubation and Investment Criteria

This nonprofit organization focuses on supporting startups, which are guided by Jain founders only. The venture evaluates ideas based on their societal impact and provides comprehensive assistance under excellent mentorship by a specialized team.

With strong community backing, they leverage a network of over 15,000 Jain members, providing an unfair advantage in terms of mentorship and support.

In terms of investment, the foundation is open to any promising venture, without restricting the originator’s background to Jainism, unlike its incubation process.

The team assesses the problem the startup aims to solve, the methodology or technology being used, the unique selling proposition, and why customers would prefer it over competitors.

Maintaining a negative list aligned with non-violence principles, this Jain institution excludes startups involved in activities such as weapons, drugs, leather, and non-vegetarian food.

Quick Overview of JIIF

JIIF Flyer

Ticket Size for Funding

As per the ledgers, the company has invested 180 crores in over 90 firms. The investment per startup typically starts at 5 lakhs per investor, but JIIF may invest anywhere between 50 lakhs and has even extended to a substantial 5 crores in a single instance.

According to Ms.Jinal Shah, DGM portfolio- A recent investment amounted to 3 million dollars in one startup. The network’s flexibility allows the organization to consider investments up to any size worth the valuation of budding fundraisers.

Growth journey from start to date

Acknowledging the inherent risks in startup ventures, this JITO subsidiary recognizes potential failure stories but underscores its commitment to supporting founders even in the face of business failures.

The startup ecosystem’s dynamic nature is considered a challenge, necessitating adaptability and continuous learning.

From a four-member team in 2017 to a current strength of 16 demonstrates their commitment to building a robust organization.

Learning from initial challenges, they have streamlined processes and developed internal capabilities, positioning themselves as a facilitator for startups.

Portfolio Companies

The Venture has invested in multiple companies, varying from AI tech to Agri Tech, from health care to FMCG, and much more.

To name a few players growing substantially in the market-

1- Blu Smart Mobility– A cab service using 100% electric vehicles.

2- Nexus– Manufactures bio-organic and biodegradable batteries out of agricultural waste.

3- Bodhi AI– Building ed-tech, coaching, and classroom learning applications with AI.

4- Snackible– FMCG retail company making and selling healthy munchies.

5- Hair Originals– Manufacturer and Exporter of hair extensions.

6- The Hosteller– A marketplace for travelers and professionals looking for budget stays PAN India.

7- IBanss– Making a social impact, by manufacturing bamboo granules to replace plastic.

8- KwikPic– A photo-sharing application.

The Venture has supported many budding ideas and shaped them into buzz startups by nurturing skilled minds with experts in the team.

1-mygiftmart.com– A corporate gifting suite.

2-Val-Ed India– An ed-tech firm that is transforming the learning patterns of society.

3- Aayush Bharat– Online application for buying Ayurvedic medicines.

Expansion Plans

Focused on global expansion, JIIF intends to boost the number of incubators, influence additional startups, and enable larger investments.

Having already embarked on global initiatives, the visit to Israel happened with plans for further expansion.

The upcoming JSA (Jito Shark Angel) round in Dubai aligns with their strategy to increase investment size, pursue more success stories, secure larger exits, and potentially nurture unicorn startups.

SWOT Analysis


15000+ members of community backing from JITO

Experienced and qualified team

Growing startup ecosystem

Leveraging a strong network


The risk inherent in startup investing

JIIF swot


Growing angel investor and incubator network

Government support for startups

Large and diverse Indian market


Competition from other investors

Business Sectors Preferred

This Mumbai-based subsidiary of JITO  remains sector-agnostic, adapting to evolving trends and themes like sustainability, AI, and healthcare.

Catering to a diverse range of investors and facilitating the upcoming ventures the group adopts to remain open for promising opportunities across industries.

As per Ms Shah In the future JIIF may focus on specific themes like defence or other unexplored sectors, based on the ongoing trends and their investor base.

Application Process

Startup founders seeking incubation or investment opportunities with this non-profit-making firm can initiate the process through the organization’s website. The online application serves as the gateway for potential collaboration.

For those pursuing incubation, especially if affiliated with the community, the respective group conducts a thorough assessment of the idea’s viability.

In case of approval, founders receive the required support from experienced mentors, guiding them in the journey of bringing their innovative ideas to fruition.

For the investment seeker, the idea shall resonate with the designated team, and the organization takes a proactive role in facilitating angel investors to back the startup. This involves securing funding for the investment, further propelling the idea towards realization and sustainable growth.

JIIF screenshot

Board of Directors

The Jain community comprises big business tycoons, and industrialists from textiles, real estate etc. The members on board for JIIF- JITO’s wholly-owned subsidiary are

1. Sukhraj B Nahar- Chairman JITO Apex

2. Kantilal Hastimal Oswal- President JITO Apex

3. Manoj Mehta- Secretary General JITO Apex

4. Rajesh Jain- JIIF Director Incharge

5. Rajat Mehta- JIIF Chairman

6. Ashesh Nanalal Doshi- JIIF Secretary Incharge

Building a Promising Startup

To build a promising startup, prioritize selling the product effectively.

Before burning into marketing strategies, ensure the product offers significant value to customers. This approach enhances market success and sustainability.

JIIF- The ‘Enabler’

JIIF plays a pivotal role in enabling startups to thrive by providing support, mentorship, and investments.

Enabling Jain startups and offering non-monetary help like mentorship and connections.

Enabling both Jain and non-Jain founders, focusing on the problem being solved, the solution, and the competitive landscape.

Acting as a facilitator, seeking the best deals for its angel network of Jains all around the globe. Prioritizing good deals with realistic valuations and rejecting overvalued proposals regardless of funding status is the basic ideology.

As they venture into global collaborations and continue to impact the startup ecosystem, their role as an enabler remains central to their mission.


What sets JIIF apart in terms of value from the other players in the market?

The company receives robust support from JITO, a network of over 15,000 established Jain individuals who hold prominent positions in various industries. This provides an unfair advantage of invaluable experience and advice from distinguished individuals, offering a rare leverage in networking that may not be easily accessible through other engine networks or venture capitalists.

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