ThinkerPlace[ How this New Edutech startup is emphasizing on STEM in 2022]


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ThinkerPlace is an edutech Startup focused on STEM 

What is ThinkerPlace?

Thinker place is a learning Platform in which a child can get the freedom to look beyond textbooks and conventional education, Founded by Mr.Saurabh Tiwari and Mrs.Deepti Sharma in 2019. It is a learning initiative with the goal to bring the most awaited change in a child’s learning and thinking. The main agenda is to perfectly blend theoretical and practical knowledge by the mentors who are hired by the company.

The mission of thinkerplace is “we believe that a single place should be accessible to every child in the country so that they can have a fair understanding of practical knowledge” says Saurabh.

Startup ThinkerPlace
Founded 2019
Headquarters Pune, India
Products Educational services
Revenue Model B2C,Subscriptions

How did ThinkerPlace start?

The educational experience of the founders of this Pune-based company is the route of Thinkerplace, Mr.Tiwari believes that it is a product of the long term. It started when both the founders met a couple of times but there was a time when Mrs.Sharma’s daughter complained about not understanding the use of what she is learning in school.

This made the founder realize that the education system and the way education is provided to children need to be changed. The children should have more practical knowledge about the learning in schools and be able to understand how to apply their knowledge in their daily lives.

The founder believes that a lot of children are facing difficulties in understanding how to enjoy learning. So, the founders initially started it for children above 10 years. But the founders realized that a creative way of learning is the only option for young children to excel.

Presently, this e-learning platform provides a lot of programs for young children. The founders did a lot of work and brainstorming in order to come up with this idea and launch the product in the market.

ThinkerPlace Overview


Where does it stand?

This Pune-based startup has been growing at a rate of 3x to 4x Year on year(YoY). ThinkerPlace kits and courses have assisted in changing several children into little innovators of the future across India, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Maldives, Australia, and have achieved a global platform in terms of recognition.

This duo-founded startup has collaborated with the likes of Hologo, Monshot, India STEM Alliance, Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies

Revenue Model

This Pune-based startup started in the form of a B2B business in which the company was trying to establish innovative learning laps for children. However on the other hand they also operate in the B2C business. This e-learning startup also directly contacts children who want to have more playful and practical knowledge than that of in words.

Targeted Market

The main target of the operation of Thinkerplace is to keep their options open to anyone who wants to seek education in a practical form and also wants to take services. While launching the product the founders have to keep in mind the dynamic nature of the target market.

“The consumers of the products are the kids, however, the customer of a product is the parents,” says Saurabh.

Thinkerplace Analysis

The strength of this education-based start-up is definitely the product that is consumed by kids for polishing their practical knowledge and applying for a tickle knowledge in their daily lives.

Opportunities are to reach a large population.


Threats can be the other big players in the market.

Sales Turnover

According to Saurabh, “Presently in this year, I am expecting a total amount of business of IN₹ 50 Million.”

Initial Capital

This E-learning startup’s Initial capital was invested by the founders Mr.Tiwari and Mrs.Sharma itself and was of  IN₹ 12 Million.


The founders of this e-learning-based start-up see competition as a complementary force in the market. There are a lot of big players in the market who are trying to promote practical knowledge more than theoretical knowledge which helps in the motive of the start-up itself.

Expansion Plans

This Pune-based startup is already in India and they’re selling a good amount of products to consumers who are children in schools. Presently, Thinkerplace is also aiming to expand to another level in pan India. It’s on the ideation that there will be a team set up in the middle east and the reach will be expanded to the Gulf countries as well.

Founders’ Background

Mr.Saurabh Tiwari, the Co-Founder, is a Renowned scientist with 9 patents to his name.

Mrs.Deepthi Sharma the Co-Founder, is the Director Of Lexicon Kids.

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