Allfive[how this female founder is building a unique idea-based startup in 2022]


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What is allfive?

Allfive is a Hospitality & tech-based startup that provides Discovery and booking for unique handcrafted experiences, founded by Ms.Harsha Parbat in the year 2020.

The consumers will find anything that ranges from food & drinks to a Sunday brunch to a nightclub session to a pop-up dinner. Anything which can be considered experiential can be found in Allfive app. it is a one-stop solution for people who want to enjoy experiences and who want to give experiences.

Allfive operates on the mission to  “connect people safely around the world and encourage real authentic human connection“

Startup Allfive
Founded 2020
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Products Handcrafted hospitality services
Revenue Model B2C,B2C

How did Allfive start?

The idea of allfive came into being by the problem faced by the founder, Harsha while she was living in Los Angeles, US, and was naturally a person who enjoys traveling and experiencing new things. However, she realized that LA is a new and vast city

She wanted to experience a lot of things however she was unable to find fun activities around the city as she was not aware of them. This problem made her realize that there should be a one-stop platform in which information regarding fun activities and experiences in cities should be mentioned so that people can access it and make connections around the globe.

In the pandemic, the founder who is passionate about food, experienced a passion in which people can start off as entrepreneurs because she observed how her favorite chefs and restaurants were losing jobs.

Harsha quit her job as she wanted to help people and pursue something that she is passionate about. So Harsha decided to quit her job and started allfive in the year 2020.

Here is a quick overview of Allfive



Allfive exclusive Services and features

The uniqueness of this Mumbai-based startup is that it is discovery-based. Allfive also has a unique feature based on Artificial Intelligence called “Shuffle”. This particular feature enables the consumer to choose what type of activities she/he wants to do. There is a surprise element in this feature, the main motive and intention are to provide the best activity which suits the customer’s taste and preference.

Revenue model

This woman-founded startup follows three revenue channels. The first is a Commission based model in which for each transaction they take a certain percentage of commission.

The second channel is that they provide services so that if there is anyone who quits the job, Allfive has a set of experts on the team that can help them start their own businesses. providing professional services is one of the revenue channels.

The third revenue channel is the paid ads

Targeted market

There are two types of target audiences for this solo-founded startup. One is the consumers who are travel enthusiasts who are interested in having new experiences in the city or town in whichever city they are living or interested in. The focus is on the people in the age group of 25 years to 60 years

The other target consumers are The sellers who are willing to provide extravagant experiences and have activities to offer. These can be restaurant owners, club owners, etc… The main focus is on the metropolitan cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and many more.

Initial Challenges

Harsha believes that one of the challenges is being a woman. A woman entrepreneur is rarely taken seriously. She started the company in a country where she has never worked before. She mentioned that she had no credibility, no recognition, and nobody knew her.  As she was creating hospitality and F&B industry she used to go and talk to restaurant owners

She felt it was difficult to break the norm in the country. In India, it’s all about who knows who but she believed that she is passionate about it so gradually the consumers understood the importance. She also realized that cultural difference was one of the initial challenges she faced as people’s ideologies, usage of technology, and understanding of the product is different from the USA as compared to India.

Allfive Swot Analysis

The strength of this hospitality, Food&Beverages, experiences based-startup is the team and the hosting partners’ collaborations


The weakness is not moving fast enough because India is a diverse country and not moving fast enough is a weakness as a lot of experiences need to be talked about

Opportunities are that Indians are unaware of a lot of activities and can be of large market size on which Allfive can tap and make it possible to grow itself.

The threat will be the competitors who have a large database of consumers in the market.

Sales turnover

This solo-founded startup is presently garnering $4000 in sales however the aim of this startup is to have their sales up to $15,000 as they are planning to have many meetups and events which would contribute towards the growth in sales.

Allfive Funding

Ms.Harsha does not want to take funds until she feels confident that the startup really needs the money. she told Jobifynn When the team  really needs the money then they would definitely go fundraising in the next three months’

Allfive Journey

Ms.Parbat, the founder, believes that allfive have a long way to go. She believes that the startup has a lot to achieve. For her success personally is when the hosting partners report their satisfaction with the platform. But she believes that she has a long way to go for success when it comes to revenue and sales.

About Allfive Founder

Ms.Harsha Parbat is the founder of all five. She has her Masters’s degree in computer science from California State University. And has worked for the last 15 years in Silicon Valley California in the tech industry and startup industries. She has started two companies in the past and has been part of two major billion-dollar acquisitions. 


Allfive Founder

Harsha Parbat

Is Allfive App available?


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