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GameEon is a Gaming Platform   

What is Gameeon?

Founded in 2013 by Nikhil Malankar, GameEon is a creative game development and publishing startup based in Mumbai, India, that specializes in creating games for an exciting and meaningful experience and is responsible for developing games for clients. GameEon tries to create a fulfilling experience that shares the games with the consumers.

The mission of this Mumbai-based startup is to unlock the greatest level of gaming fantasies and ensure that there is something for everyone which includes different genders and age groups.

Startup Gameeon
Founded 2013
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Products Games Publishing
Revenue Model b2b,b2c

How did it start?

It all started in the year 2013, gameEon relied on making games for the clients. Initially, a lot of projects included virtual reality and projects related to that segment. There is a basic team that focuses on mobile platforms and then there are other teams that focus on other platforms.

The idea originated when the founder was in his ninth grade, at that time Nikhil stumbled upon a game called GTA Vice City which was very famous in the country back then. He was fascinated by the game and how the game worked.

“While playing this game I always felt that I had the freedom to drive around to take different characters according to fit in the game and to change my identity and then I started learning more about games and I change the entire vice city into something that I wanted to look like and then I got the idea that I’m very interested in generating games and creating games for people,” says Nikhil.

So, this idea was conceived in 2009 when Nikhil was just a ninth grader And the startup started when Nikhil was 18 in 2013. The main conceptualization of this Mumbai-based startup started in 2013.

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Here is a Quick Overview of GameEon

gameeon overview

Revenue Model

This gaming-based startup is operating in both B2B and B2C models of business. It includes creating applications and gaming platforms for different businesses and companies and it also creates games that can directly be launched in the market so that other gamers can use them.

Initial Capital

Initially, they started off with IN₹ 100000  that could be incorporated in the startup, money was saved by their own cells and they did not take any money from a parent.

Growth Rate

Tracking the growth since 2013, this digital gaming platform has shown an exponential growth rate in the market. Last year, the fundraising was about IN₹2.2 Cr, however, which has been doubled the present year.

Area of operations

The area of operations of this Mumbai-based startup is diversified. There is no such a single area of operation or a concentrated one. As it is a gaming platform which is virtual in nature it can be used by anyone in every corner of the country.

Targeted audience

The target audience is anyone who loves gaming, there are a lot of gaming platforms that are India-based which can target a lot of audiences across the globe.

Market Penetration

“We have to use a lot of connections in the network in Mumbai, this city operates in networking and we have to contact a lot of football club owners and other types of big-shot businessmen to get funding,” says Nikhil.


This gaming platform has partnered with esteemed clients such as Genius Lynx, WYU, One Eyed Octopus, BMEN Studios,

Expansion Plans

Currently, this solo-founded startup focuses on more extensive hiring. As the products are getting more sophisticated day by day, it requires more members and personnel to work. The main focus and agenda of this entertainment-based startup is to get more members on the team so that the production of different gaming applications can become better, more progressive, and more interesting

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Another expansion plan is to market this entertainment startup overseas. In the next five years, the plan is to extend the employee range to 200.

SWOT Analysis

The creative and hard-working team of this solo-founded startup can be considered as one of its strengths. The collaboration with Mumbai police and other strong collaborations can be considered as strengths.

Weaknesses can be the main focus is on the mobile market and not on the PC market.


As gaming has become democratized, distribution has become easier and more and more people are approaching gaming, this can be understood as one of the Opportunities.

The stigma around gaming and the perspective towards giving as an addiction can be a threat.

GameEon Funding

GameEon has raised a total of US$520K in its three rounds of funding from the likes of Indian Angel Network, Mumbai Angels,  and Mohit Gupta of CS Marketing.

Gameeon Founder

Nikhil Malankar anchor is the founder and CEO of this Mumbai-based studio. He is a YouTuber with 100K+ plus subscribers and he is also an author of three works. He has a background in engineering and also did a diploma in game design from Maya Academy.


Who are GameEon Studios's competitors?

1.Nilee Games and Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd 2.Underdogs Studio LLP

Who invested in GameEon Studios?

Indian Angel Network, Mumbai Angels

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