XigoConnect LLP(A specialized IT Staffing Startup in 2024)

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XigoConnect is an IT staffing and recruitment startup.

A startup that aspires to be the preferred IT staffing partner for clients by providing highly skilled professionals in specific technology domains, such as cyber security, cloud, and CRM.

What is XigoConnect LLP?

XigoConnect, a 3-year-old IT staffing recruitment company, stands out as a specialized staffing firm offering services like permanent hiring, contract-to-hire, and executive search for senior professionals.

Founded by an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience, XigoConnect focuses on cyber security, cloud technologies, and CRM solutions for startups and AIML catering specifically to startups and SMEs.

The idea behind XigoConnect

The founder, Mr.Rajesh Gade with over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, identified a gap in the market for staffing companies focussing on specific technologies.  XigoConnect aims to differentiate itself by providing an in-depth understanding of the technologies it works with, rather than just relying on keyword searches.

This staffing company is led by an IT professional rather than a traditional HR background. With a deep understanding of technology and sales, XigoConnect works towards filling the gap in the market by providing tailored recruitment services in specific technology domains.

The IT staff hiring company emerged during the COVID era. The unique approach aimed to serve startups and SMEs exclusively, concentrating on key technological verticals to become a go-to destination for hiring top talent in cyber security, cloud, and CRM.

The mission is not to be just another IT staffing company but to establish technology practices for each specialized vertical.

The ultimate goal is to be recognized for excellence in hiring the best talent in cyber security, cloud, and CRM.

Startup XigoConnect LLP
Website xigoconnect.com
Founded 2020
Headquarters Hyderabad, India
Services Specialized IT professionals hiring for Startups and SMEs.
Revenue Model One-time payment

Quick Overview of XigoConnect LLP

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Growth Journey

Since its inception in 2020, the tech recruitment expert has witnessed exponential growth, doubling its revenue year on year.

The company aims to further expand into contracting services focusing on cyber security, cloud technologies, and CRM solutions.

Area of Operations

This IT Professional Services partner operates globally, focusing on pan-India domestic staffing and offering build-operate-transfer (BOT) services for clients worldwide. The company also provides remote resources and assists clients in setting up offices in India.

Targeted Market

The solo founder firm primarily focuses on startups and small companies with up to 5000 employees. Companies seeking quality talent at competitive costs and small businesses requiring quick recruitment solutions are soundly catered to by this LLP.

By leveraging personal networks and industry expertise, this hiring agency offers a unique approach to hiring specialized IT professionals efficiently.

Revenue Model

The operating business model for the firm is B2B.

They use a one-time payment revenue model where they invoice the client after a selected candidate joins the company and the payment is made within 30 days.

For contracting services, they use a collect-and-pay model where they receive payment in advance before running the payroll for the client.


While numerous staffing companies exist, this technology recruitment specialist considers itself unique because it focuses on specific technology areas and has a deep understanding of the required skill sets.

They believe this sets them apart from traditional HR-led companies and other staffing companies with a broader range of services.

Expansion Plans

The company intends to extend its operations to Singapore, providing manpower and services to clients in the region. Mr. Gade envisions enhancing the firm’s build-operate-transfer services for international clients.

The company intends to grow its team size by adding contract employees to meet increasing demands. Additionally, XigoConnect is actively engaged with US and Canadian clients.

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The Hyderabad-based IT professional hiring partner currently has a team of 10 people. They plan to grow their team size as their client base and number of contract employees increase. The biggest challenge they face is finding the right candidates with the required technical skills and ensuring they stay with the client for at least six months.

XigoConnect LLP Funding

The boutique staffing agency is bootstrapped by the founder and is currently self-funded. They may explore funding options like venture capital or an IPO in the future as the company grows.


The founder Mr.Rajesh Gade of Xigo Connect brings a wealth of experience from the IT industry since the late ’80s. With a background in marketing and representing multinational companies like Microsoft and Oracle, the founder’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1995 with a strong focus on IT services, product development, and staffing.

He has a deep understanding of the IT sector and has successfully launched multiple businesses in the past.


Is XigoConnect seeking funding, and what is their revenue turnover?

XigoConnect is currently self-funded, with plans to explore funding options next year or possibly an IPO in the next one to two years. Their revenue turnover is expected to touch about 1.5 crores this year.

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