Yuvasoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (An IT Outsourcing startup helping Companies in 2024)

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Yuvasoft Solutions Private Limited is an innovative IT services development company.

What is Yuvasoft Solutions?

Yuvasoft Solutions Private Limited is an IT services development company that specializes in website and mobile application development solutions. Founded in 2010 by two co-founders, Hitesh and Sandeep, this enterprise has grown to become a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and customer-centric solutions for clients across the globe.

With a primary focus on overseas clients, particularly from the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, is a platform that offers a complete solution for website and application development, from backend to frontend, from server to payment gateways.

Yuvasoft works with various skills and technologies, such as Ruby on Rails, Node JS, Python, Django, PHP, ReactJs, ExpressJs, and many more. This software development company delivers high-quality work that meets the expectations and requirements of its clients.

As Mr. Sisodiya says Yuvasoft is a place of good solutions, emphasizing their commitment to providing excellent service and delivering the best for their customers.

The vision of Yuvasoft Solutions is “to become a trusted and reliable partner for overseas customers who are looking to outsource their website and application development work.”

The mission of Yuvasoft Solutions is “to provide genuine and cost-effective solutions that suit the needs and preferences of its clients.”  This IT outsourcing firm aims to build long-term relationships with its clients based on trust and quality.

Startup Yuvasoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Website yuvasoftech.com
Founded 2013
Headquarters Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Products Mobile Application Development
Website Application Development
Web & Graphic UI/UX Designing
Technology Solutions
Revenue Model B2B

Here is a Quick Overview

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How did Yuvasoft Solutions start?

The idea of the venture came from the passion and ambition of its co-founders, who wanted to do something challenging. They have been together since college and have two years of working experience in the same company.

As a first step, they explored online freelancing platforms, securing their first customer within five days. There and then, both the partners realized the potential and demand of IT outsourcing and decided to quit their respective jobs.

The modest beginning in 2013-2014 as a proprietor firm marked the start of their freelancing and eventually the establishment of Yuvasoft Solutions.

With operations established in India and Canada, the company envisions expanding globally, ensuring quality work at decent prices.

Growth Rate

This IT outsourcing enterprise has witnessed tremendous growth and success since its inception. It has completed more than 500 projects for more than 200 clients from different countries and continents.

They have managed to achieve a high customer satisfaction rate and a high retention rate. It is a top-rated company on online freelancing platforms, such as Upwork and Freelancer.

Currently, their business turnover ranges between 20-30 crores, showcasing their consistent and substantial progress over the years.

Area of Operation

The operational hub of this cutting-edge technology provider is located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. With Canada as their established base and plans for marketing operations in the United States, they strategically position themselves to cater to a diverse clientele.


Building a team of over 100 members was not without its challenges. In the initial days both the directors of the company built trust with the client and hired and trained freshers themselves.

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However, they are optimistic about doubling their team strength to 200 in the coming year. The key lies in finding the right talent and maintaining a supportive work environment.

Target Market

Entering the market they had to face a lot of competition and challenges to make their name in the market. Due to the presence of other IT outsourcing companies, both domestic and international, that offered similar services, it was a tough fight.

The establishment differentiated itself from its competitors by showcasing its unique value proposition and competitive edge. They focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences, leveraging past projects, and building a strong, dedicated team.

Revenue Model

With a current annual turnover of 20-30 crores, this Indore-based company has witnessed substantial growth. The company has achieved remarkable revenue and sales turnover in its journey so far.


While facing competition from numerous companies, Yuvasoft Solutions stays ahead by integrating cutting-edge technologies like AI, and machine learning, and exploring blockchain. They focus on staying ahead of the curve to maintain their competitive edge.

Business Type

This startup runs on B2B business models.

Expansion Plans

This bootstrap enterprise has ambitious and exciting business expansion and growth plans. It is not only planning global expansions but also working on launching a product in India with subsequent global releases.

Their future plans include operations in the USA within the next five years, showcasing their ambitious growth strategy. They also have plans to increase the team size and capacity to take on more and bigger projects by outsourcing marketing teams in global landscapes.

SWOT Analysis

Yuvasoft Solutions’ strength lies in its robust team and the use of advanced technologies.

Their cost-effective pricing strategy and commitment to quality work present opportunities.

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Challenges involve healthy competition, which they navigate with their skilled team and innovative technologies.

The threat lies in the ever-growing competition from other IT outsourcing companies, both domestic and international, that offer similar or better services and prices.

Yuvasoft Solutions store Funding

This promising enterprise is entirely bootstrapped, relying on its own resources without any external funding. They started with an initial capital of around ten lakhs and have sustained and expanded their operations independently.


Hitesh Kanwar is the founder, and CEO, and Sandeep Singh Sisodiya is the Co-founder and Director, both are BTECH graduates in Computer Science from the same college.

The private limited company originated from their shared vision and experience working together. They transitioned from employment to entrepreneurship, building the company from the ground up.


Has Yuvasoft Solutions received any external funding?

No, Yuvasoft Solutions is entirely bootstrapped, operating without any external funding. They have started with an initial capital of around ten lakhs.

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