Brewed Leaf (How this new startup is helping people by providing tea from the farms in 2023)

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Brewed Leaf is an online store selling tea products in it.

What is Brewed Leaf?

Brewed Leaf is a new-age tea brand started in 2020 by Vaibhav Jajoo. This Siliguri-based startup believes in redefining how tea is being produced in the country and the world.

What we do is gather the freshest leaves from customers’ favorite tea estates from the East and spread the freshness across the globe. From Darjeeling tea, Assam tea, imported tea, or anything else, this D2C startup has got everyone’s preference covered.

The vision is “to enhance the mind and bring balance to the soul, as a fresh cup of brewed tea when made with love has the power to revitalize the human spirit”

The mission is providing diverse types of tea to this lot at high quality as this Siliguri-based startup thinks it is a necessity”

Startup Brewedleaf
Founded 2020
Headquarters Siliguri, India
Products Tea products
Revenue Model D2C

How did Brewed Leaf Start?

Born in 2020, Brewed Leaf is the brainchild of Mr. Vaibhav Jajoo, someone who believes that tea is not just a beverage, but an essential part of our culture. The idea came to him while he was working in the Hospitality industry.

People used to often approach him and ask where he was from and his answer always filled them with a sense of wonder. Coming from Darjeeling, the Queen of Hills, Tea is something that he has always had the freshest straight from the source.

He was always passionate about making this home-known beverage healthier and more accessible for people.

The idea of Brewed Leaf’s conception stemmed from his sheer love and passion for tea. He worked on it for several months, researching and tasting it before finally launching the venture in 2020.

The name Brewed Leaf reflects the belief that tea is not just a beverage but also an essential part of the culture. Being from Darjeeling, one can see this sense of wonderment written all over him.

Quick Overview of BrewedLeaf

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Area of Operation

Shipping is done PAN India.

Brewed Leaf team

The team size currently stands at 12 members.

Market Penetration

This tea leaves startup has been faring average, as per the founder. In its first year, it earned INR 33 lakhs in revenue, including online and export modes of trading. In its second year, it did around INR 1.65 crores in revenue, online being the major chunk here.

This year, or the third year, is expected to close at sales of INR 2.5 crores in revenue. The projection for next year is expected to be more than INR 10 crores.

Targeted Market

Brewed Leaf is targeted to two strata of the market. Brewed Leaf is dedicated to the elite section of society, primarily residing in Tier 1 cities. A subsection of this sales-based startup, City Leaf, is dedicated to the mass market.

Revenue Model

This tea-based startup started as a D2C brand and strives to continue being a D2C brand. However, due to a period of immense cash burn, this startup went offline for a while.

BrewedLeaf screenshot

As of now, this Siliguri-based startup is operating as a hybrid tea brand. The revenue is predominantly through sales only.


There are a lot of tea brands in the markets, 50+ to be precise but the quality and taste of Brewed Leaf are one of its key strengths. It has more than 47 formulations.

Expansion Plans

Exports have been done to 10+ countries but currently, the focus is on the Middle East market.

Business Type

This startup runs on a D2C business model.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of this startup lies in its formulations of tea, as 80% of sales are repeat ones from the website.

The weakness is the lack of digital marketing, especially out of Siliguri where a good team is hard to find.

BrewedLeaf swot

The opportunity is huge as tea is a $200 billion market globally. The Indian market alone stands at $15 billion.

The threat is in convincing the people straight from the tea farms to associate with this D2C startup.

Brewed Leaf Funding

Brewed Leaf was staked initially with around INR 17 lakhs in phases. The startup has also received external funding.

Brewed Leaf founders

Vaibhav Jajoo is the founder and has completed his diploma in food & beverage service from the Presidency College of Hotel Management.

Rajat Jajoo is the co-founder and has completed his bachelor of business administration in hole management from Birla Divya Jyoti Siliguri.

Rewards & Recognition

Recently got featured on Dr. Vivek Bindra’s channel and Good News channel. Apart from that also this beverage startup has received significant media coverage.


What does Brewedleaf do?

Brewedleaf gathers the freshest tea leaves from customers’ favorite tea estates from the East and spread the freshness across the globe.

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