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Magtapp is a Voice-based search platform. 

What is Magtapp?

MagTapp is a visual dictionary, and web browser that eliminates the language barrier globally through its unique features known as One Tap Visual Meaning Solution. It is an abbreviation for magical tap, founded by Satyapal Chandra in the year of 2019.

The main mission is “to make learning easy and to break the language barrier.” says satyapal.

Startup Magtapp
Founded 2019
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Products Voice search, Visual dictionary
Revenue Model b2b,b2c, Ads,commission

How did Magtapp start in 2019?

Mr.Chandra has written a lot of novels in the past so before starting he already had a good amount of fame and connections. So initially he had good access to resources He realized that without reading a person cannot function.

If a person is reading in a language that does not suit them, the reading becomes very boring. The founder identified this problem among the readers and he wanted to change that. “That’s how we understood that reading in one’s mother tongue is very important and should be inculcated amongst the reading community,” says Satyapal.

So he came up with an idea in which he provides a visual meaning or translation or a dictionary in which an individual can understand the meaning of the words in their own mother tongue and that’s how magtapp is being started.

Magtapp Overview


Salient features of Magtapp

One tap visual meaning

Long press on Words you don’t Understand and Experience One Tap Visual Meaning Screen for that word. This will contain Word’s Meaning, a Representational Image, Word’s English Meaning, Words More Meaning in Selected Language, Antonym & Synonyms.

MagTapp browser 

Search and Browse Content online in magtapp’s Fast and Light Web Browser. Long Press on words to find its Visual Meaning on the go.

From Latest News to Movies, you can search everything in the magtapp Browser.

All Documents

MagDoc is an Inbuilt Document Reader in MagTapp which can read PDF, PPTX, Word & Excel files. JustTap on words in MagDoc to find its Visual Meaning. Users can even Listen to & Translate Documents.

Video courses

This Mumbai-based startup has added Video Courses for Class 6 to Class 12 Students in the Hindi Language for students to learn from home. Video Courses contain free Video Courses by Expert Teachers.


TranslateAll is used for Translating WhatsApp, Facebook & Text Messages TranslateAll works on any app installed on a phone. Draw Over Other Apps & Accessibility Permission is required for enabling TranslateAll.

Short Videos

MagTapp Short Videos is all about Watching and Creating Infotainment and Edutainment Short Videos that matter and make sense. A person can also upload a video and get famous in their local circle.

Global Document Marketplace

Free Download or Purchase over 10,00,00,000+ Educational Books, Novels, Self-help Books, Notes, Solutions, and Question Papers in 70+ Categories like NCERT, CBSE, ICSE, UPSC, SSC, IITJEE, NEET, CA, CS, Digital Marketing, Food, Health, Cookery, Yoga, Fitness, Motivation, etc.

Magtapp Translate

Translate in over 42 Languages with MagTapp Translate. we can use Camera Translation, Voice to Voice to Translation, and Text Translation using MagTapp Translate. TranslateAll in MagTapp Translate can be used for Translation on any app., build a fanbase and earn money.


Where does it stand now?  

It took Mr.Chandra around eight months to build this entire system. The growth has been really good in the present, they have experienced 3.5 million downloads of the app with Daily active users of one lakh and monthly active users are about 8 to 10 lakhs.

Initial Challenges

Satyapal has a background in literature. He used to write a lot of novels so he had no idea about technology. Technology was not his forte and something that he was very experienced in. So developing a team for this starter was very difficult for him initially Because of writing books we were privileged to get access to a lot of talents in the market. There were a lot of technical challenges initially and they thought there would be layering services then gradually they built their own web browser.

Targeted Audience

This solo-founded startup wants to target people across pan India especially people from the southern part of India. They want to target the students and the age group is 10-30. They are the maximum users. They also operate to tier-1,tier-2, and across India.

SWOT Analysis


It is a one-of-a-kind concept. It is very unique and different from other web browsers. It focuses Mainly on the comfort of the user with their Native language and their reading. No one has come up with this idea of a Native language dictionary and translation.


It is to keep in the race as there are going to be competitors.


They can build a big business out of this start-up. Magtapp can provide more and more services because language is a huge dimension they can explore



If some big company comes up with this idea then this could be a threat.

Magtapp Funding

It was very tough initially to get funding however the ed-tech startup gradually got under and got funds up to IN₹ 70M. The investors are eminent businessmen from Mumbai and were running a couple of businesses there.

Expansion Plans

This ed-tech startup wants to build its presence especially in South India and across the globe. There are a lot of languages in South India that they want to explore and give services to. The southern part of India and the northeast part of India are the major expansion areas.

Magtapp also wants to expand their services to other global countries like Russia, Germany, and France. They want to give a personalized touch to the books and the products that are given by them.


Satyapal Chandra founder and CEO  is a passionate author who has penned over ten novels of different genres.

Soumya Ranjan Das CPO  has worked in many industries like Medical, Coaching & Tech.

Mukti Prasad CTO is a Full Stack Developer with an experience in MongoDB, NodeJS, Angular, react, electronjs, AWS, DynamoDB, S3, MySQL, JavaScript, typescript etc. He has worked on many enterprise level Applications.

Sagar Malhotra Head of Marketing has 8+ years of Experience in Sales & Management.


How does MagTapp work?

Dowload the App >>Sign up with app >> then start using

Where is MagTapp's headquarters?

Mumbai, India

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