Twirl Store (How this new startup is helping people with sustainable retail circuit in 2024)

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Twirl Store is an apparel startup.

What is Twirl store?

Twirl Store is an award-winning social initiative to reduce fabric wastage and ensure women’s empowerment. It collects unwanted clothing and fabrics, from individuals and organizations across India, giving them a new life.

The startup uses part of the collection as clothing to be distributed to those in need in slums and far-flung villages. The rest of the material is upcycled as a fabric, to create an eco-friendly range of products like bags, accessories, gift items, etc.

This entire process of upcycling fabrics is done by talented rural women. This is an all-girls organization that continues to train and empower ladies from disadvantaged backgrounds. The startup was founded by Ms. Sujata Chatterjee in 2017.

The vision is “to make retail a sustainable circle beneficial to both society and environment”

The mission is to turn ‘waste to wonder’ while providing a source of livelihood to rural women”

Startup Twirl Store
Founded 2017
Headquarters Kolkata, India
Products Recycled fabric products
Revenue Model Sales

Here is a Quick Overview

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How did Twirl Store start?

The startup started when the founder faced the issue of having a wardrobe full of clothes not being used. It is during this time she found out that fabric wastage is a huge socio-economic issue, and it indirectly also leads to the wastage of natural resources like water.

Once the founder understood the implications, she bridged it with the fact that many women, especially in slums, struggle for livelihood income. This idea eventually aided in the formation of the Twirl store.

Growth Rate

Twirl store started in 2017 and the first couple of years were spent researching and brainstorming about developing the business model. By the time the team was through that process, in 2020, the pandemic hit.

But since times have gotten better, the startup has been faring well. In 2022, it has gotten into the loop of bulk exporting to the UK.

Area of Operation

Twirl store is based in Kolkata but they serve customers across India and a few other countries.


Twirl store is a part of 10,000 startups, a NASSCOM initiative; Y-East, and Startup India.


The startup commenced with the sole founder, Ms. Sujata Chaterjee but today stands with a core team of almost 10 women and an extended team of more than 200 women.

Target Market

In the B2C segment, the customers have mainly been working professionals in urban cities who are aware of the consequences of fabric wastage and want to support the cause.

In the B2B segment, organizations who want sustainable gifting or products for their clients and want to be associated with sustainability as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, activities are the customers of Twirl store.

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Revenue Model

The revenue that this social startup generates is predominantly from the sale of upcycled products. Apart from that, projects for waste management with companies are also done.


This Kolkata-based startup has a unique business model of fabric recycling combined with women empowerment and no other organization does the same in the country, in terms of the message that the startup is trying to convey to the masses. So there is no direct competition as such.

Business Type

This startup runs on both B2C and B2B business models.

Expansion Plans

This upcycling startup aims to make the message behind Twirl store a movement in the country. There have been partnerships with other organizations to spread the same.

SWOT Analysis

The strength is the uniqueness of the business model of the startup.

The weakness is a lack of awareness of the cause.

The opportunity is immense because even if 50% of the Indian population contributes to recycling a single piece of clothing and purchasing a single piece of upcycled product, it can generate a huge boost for the startup.

The threat is that it is a dependent startup on society. If society stops supporting them, it could end up working.

Twirl store Funding

This startup is a self-sustaining, self-funded, and non-profitable organization. Initial capital was bootstrapped. No fundraising has been gone through so far.


Ms. Sujata Chatterjee is the founder of the startup and has completed her PGDM from IGNOU.

Rewards & Recognitions

The startup has received more than a dozen awards in the last 4 years.

It received the Devi Award (powered by New India Express) from the hands of Mrs.Smriti  Irani, Union Minister, and a special felicitation from Mrs.Chandrima Bhattacharya, MOS, Govt of WB.

Twirl store has been a recipient of the “Women on a Mission” award from Your Story, “Swayam Siddha” recognition from the Eastern Chamber of Commerce, “Iconic Achiever” by the Rotary Club of Benevolence, “Changemaker” award from CAFE, and Nari Shakti Award by Rotaract Club of Victoria.

The startup was felicitated at Tata Social Enterprise Challenge 2019 and mentioned by IIM Calcutta and DST, Govt of India as “one of the best ideas to transform India”

The team has been named an “Industry Disruptor” by DO School Berlin,  showcased by IET, London on their Green Edition show, and presented as Circular Changemaker at Lakme Fashion Week 2020.


What is twirl store?

Twirl Store is an award-winning social initiative to reduce fabric wastage and ensure women’s empowerment. It collects unwanted clothing and fabrics, from individuals and organizations across India, giving them a new life.

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