ISAK Fragrances[ A journey to expand Indian Fragrances to the world in 2023]

ISAK Fragrances

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ISAK Fragrances is a Perfumery Startup 

What is ISAK Fragrances?

Isak fragrance is an online platform that sells exquisite perfumes that are based on the Indian making of perfumery, founded by Mrs.Vidushi vijayvergiya in 2017, turning the 160+ years old Lucknow-based family business into a startup.

Mission is to spread out the beauty of Indian perfumery throughout the world” says the founder.

Startup ISAK Fragrances
Founded 2017
Headquarters Lucknow, India
Products Organic Perfumes, Perfume kits
Business  Model B2C,D2C

How did Isak Fragrances start?

Vidushi belongs to a family that has a background in perfumery and perfume making. Since her childhood, she has always been interested in the processes that are required to make a particular kind of fragrance. “I was intrigued about the significance of perfume in ones life and how they are created in the family,Says the founder.

As Her father and uncle were in the perfume-making business Mrs.vijayvergiya was always interested in the whole process and the business itself. Wherever she was always hooked on this business and always used to give ideas in her uncle’s venture which was mostly about fragments and perfumery.

Since her husband was working in Switzerland vidushi did a lot of research there not only in the marketing but also in the perfume-manufacturing side and that’s where She realized the gap between the way we develop Indian fragrances and the other natural ones.

That’s how she understood that this is her passion and she wants to start her own venture in perfume making. Her uncle suggested “Why don’t you take it forward then” uncle’s motivation led to the launch of Isak fragrances.

Here is a quick overview of ISAK


Growth Rate

The capital has increased over time. Initially, Isak Fragrances started with IN₹ 8 lakhs which have grown to a small amount of IN₹ 25 lakhs.

Since its first year, The plan is to go small there are no losses as such but continuous Growth. In 2020 it was not a good year which led to a lot of changes in the company itself.

This solo-founded startup started in a very small way and in a smaller range.

They had a very small staff again but they want to take it forward more. Presently the headcount of the startup is 7.

DIY Perfume KIT 

This Lucknow-based startup launched a  kit in which a person can make their own perfume. and the KIT includes

  • 12 Ingredients
  • ISAK Lab workbook with formula sheets
  • Droppers
  • Instructions Manual
  • Perfume Base
  • Smelling strips
  • Coffee beans
  • 2 empty 15 ml spray bottles
  • 2 glass beakers
  • 2 labels to label your creation

Revenue Model

This Lucknow-based startup has regular one-time payments as it was selling physical products.

Besides that, there are a lot of companies at work on commission and the motive is to sell their products through this site. There is a combination of both direct selling and commission based.

Shark Tank India Deal

Isak Fragrances’ vidushi has done the pitching in the famous Indian show “shark tank India” season 1, where she asked for IN₹ 50 lakhs for the equity of 8%, and has raised IN₹ 50 Lakhs for 50% of equity from the shark Peyush Bansal.

Targeted Market

Demographically, Isak fragrances are targeting people the age of 20+ and mostly like to appeal to females but to everyone as well. This Lucknow-based startup wants to target people who are more distinct and fond of organic products.

Sales turnover

In the year 2020 March, the startup reached up to 25 lakhs in sales revenue. However ‘we might have to experience a dip because of the COVID-19 pandemic’ says vidushi.

After that in 2021 and 2022, this solo-founded startup is anticipated to reach about 40 lakhs of sales.

Expansion Plans

The main plan is to introduce everyday products and to penetrate the common market. This perfumery-based startup wants to penetrate the market of international companies as well.

The aim is to encourage more organic products among the audience.


There are a lot of perfume glands that are the big players in the market which can be considered as a competitor to the start-up.

Founders Background


Crafting luxury & lifestyle Business – IIM A

Previous Business – My Lucknow Store (Chikankari)

Founding Team

Vidushi Vijayvergiya (Managing partner- investor) of Isak

Niti Vijayvergiya (Investor)

Vishal Vijayvergiya (chief perfumer).


Who owns Isak perfume?

Mrs.Vidushi Vijayvergiya

Is Peyush Bansal founder of Isak perfume?

Peyush bansal has invested IN₹ 50 Lakhs for 50% equity in Isak Perfume

Who invested in Isak fragrances?

Shark Peyush bansal

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