AllAuthor[how these two brothers are helping authors to publish books now in 2021]

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AllAuthor is a Bibliophile Communtiy Startup 

What is Allauthor?

AIlauthor is one of its kind startups that provides authors with a platform for book listing, books promotion, utility tools and also focuses on saving time for authors to concentrate on writing, founded by two brothers  Mr.Naveen Joshi, and Mr.Madhuker Joshi in the year 2016.

It also provides Automation tools to create engaging content and promotional content delivered directly to the authors’ inboxes via email. 

Allauthor’s purpose is to “reduce the amount of design and technical factors that go into book promotion and make it easy, quick, cost-effective, and result-oriented, leading to overall better results for authors”

In the Bibliophile Community, Allauthor envisioned ‘creating an open, integrated, and transparent platform for authors and book lovers to connect over their shared love of books’ 

Startup Allauthor
Founded 2016
Headquarters Noida, India
Products Books, e-books,

Marketing & Promotion

Revenue Model B2B,B2C,Subscriptions

How did Allauthor start?

After a quiet job, Mr.Naveen has a lot of lessons learned from his previous Startup M4maths and was looking forward to establishing an international product without having to raise funds.

The duo-brothers had Observed that the success of a book is determined by how well it is promoted, have seen an increase in the number of self-published authors in recent years. When they have looked closely, they did notice that many of these excellent authors’ books never see the light of day because they lack powerful promotional techniques.

As a result, they identified a need to tackle and decided to establish a platform that strives to assist self-published writers in gaining the recognition their books deserve, using low-cost marketing tools that anyone can use without any technical knowledge.

In the year 2016, They have initially invested US$20,000 to build the infrastructure and bootstrapped and that is how Allauthor was founded.

Here is a quick overview of Allauthor


How it works

This Noida -based startup is completely free for all the readers, while there are two memberships available for authors: free and paid membership. With the free membership, authors can test the tools, get the hang of it, and then opt for a paid membership.

Every author, whether a free member or a paid member, who signs up with AllAuthor gets an Author Website made for them with AllAuthor where they can include their bio, their books with the buy links and their social media handles and website or blog.

Allauthor Growth

Initially, This duo-brothers formed startup has started with around 100 authors with the main product – Pro-Membership. They’ve now included more tools to their subscription model and have grown to a huge family of over 14,000 authors and 340,000 readers.

AllAuthor has grown solely due to their organic marketing over social media and emails and referrals from the authors who loved using our platform. Today, They have registered over 44 million page views and the author retention rate is 80% to 85%.

Pro Features of Allauthor

Author Branding & Promotions

  • Personalized Author Website
  • Author Directory
  • Book Directory
  • Personalized Author Interviews
  • Cover of the month contest

Social Media Promotions & Automation Tools

  • Tweet Scheduler Tool
  • Piracy Monitoring
  • Tweets for Featured Books
  • Mobile-friendly Instant Facebook Articles

Utility Tools

  • Review GIF Maker
  • DIY Book Teaser
  • Book Promotional Banners
  • Promotional GIF Banners
  • Weekly Mockup Banner


Targeted Market

This Noida-based startup has been targeting Authors and Readers all over the world and has market especially in the countries of the USA, the UK etc.,

Pricing of Allauthor

This Software & Marketing based startup has the pricing model where it charges a US$99 yearly subscription fee which includes access to their above said creative utility tools, one free book promotion directly from Allauthor, and a premium author account. If the author needs to add more books for book promotions, it charges US$34/per book.

Allauthor Revenue

This Kindle-based startup has grown exponentially and had generated a staggering amount of over US$180K in Revenue.

Future Expansion Plans

It is planning to set up a branch in the USA for offline promotion, and planning to develop the new tool, and expecting 1M users by 2022


According to Mr.Naveen “there are few competitors out there now such as Bookbub, Goodreads”

Allauthor Founders

Mr.Naveen Joshi completed his B.Tech in computer science in 2005 & has over 15 years of experience in technology

Mr.Madhukar Joshi completed his Masters’s in Economics and has over 12 years of experience in Accounting and Team Management.


What the author means by?

A person whose profession is into writing such as books, novels is referred as Author.

Is it ebook or e book or ebook?

Mostly it is used as e-book


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