CREEK[How this new trio-founded startup is helping the next generation of entrepreneurs in 2023]

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Creek is a social media networking app for startups.

What is a creek?

Creek is a social media networking app that is built for the next generation of entrepreneurs founded in the year 2021 by Rohit Taneja.

This provides a platform for people who want to meet like-minded people Who will be becoming entrepreneurs in the coming five years.

This social media networking app provides an opportunity to establish networks within the community which would help the budding entrepreneurs of society.

Started on a Mission, Creek,Empower every member on the platform with needed support and guidance in every possible manner.”

Startup Creek
Founded 2021
Headquarters Gurgaon, India
Products Social media platform
Revenue Model B2B

How did the creek start?

This trio-founded startup came into existence in the year 2020 however Creek was launched in the year 2021.

In 2019, The founder felt a gap in the market, they realized that during that time when COVID-19 emerged a lot of downsizing was happening which resulted in the loss of jobs For a lot of people.

The founders felt that there would be a wave in which a lot of people would take up entrepreneurship because of the events happening around that time.

The founders pointed out this converting trend in the economy and they thought that this would be a great opportunity to create a platform that would help in building this new entrepreneurial community.

This community promises to help budding entrepreneurs establish their name in the business society and help them progress over the ladder.

Creek Overview

Creek flyer

The growth rate

The growth rate of this social media marketing-based startup has been exceptional.  When the startup came into existence, Deepanshu wanted to do a beta launch in which they would be given an opportunity to test products and when and how customers are reacting to those Products.

They initially got only 500 members on the platform and presently they are getting 500 members on the platform every single day. The growth rate of this Gurgaon-based startup has been exceptional, however in the first five months they have grown from 4% to 20%.


“ There is no competition as of now,” Deepanshu says. There are a lot of players that run communities but there is no such platform to curate these companies.

Target audience

This trio-founded startup aims to reach all the startup hubs in India main focus is on metropolitan cities, like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata are their main targets as they consider these cities as startup hubs.

Revenue Model

The revenue model currently is from the partners of the start-up.

Target market

The prime goal is to target the entrepreneurs of the society. They are also looking forward to targeting professionals who are fairly new in the job world or in the startup world. They are the ones who will be in need of support and guidance.

The timing is very important, the timing of when the product should be launched according to the convenience of customers is a challenge for the start-up as they feel this is not easy.

Future Expansion Plans

Currently, this Gurgaon-based start-up is targeting metropolitan cities and ecosystems like Bombay, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, and others metropolitan cities.

The main target or leased metropolitan cities because they all are start-up hubs. However, they are also planning to expand their business to Singapore and Dubai as well.

Creek screenshot

Creek Funding

Currently, this Gurugram-based start-up has a YC pact among the founders. The name of the person who invested in the starter and is also the founder of the company cannot be disclosed. They are still looking for an investor to make sure that the investor is also the right fit for the company.

Creek Founders

They are three co-founders and they have been part of many projects in the past.

Aman Bharti is the Co-Founder and CTO of Creek.

Aman Kharap was the only person who was active in the start-up. He contributed to the primary research of the startup. His background consists of experience in management consulting and investment banking. He has worked with many startups and is experienced in the entrepreneurial society.

Deepanshu completed his graduation from Delhi College of Arts and Commerce and completed his Masters in Business Management from Manchester University then he joined his family business which gave him great exposure to business.

The journey of the creek

The founder, Deepanshu said, “The journey of the creek has been exciting, it has given elaborative understanding and insight about cultural differences among communities.

People from different parts of the country are part of this social media platform. This trio-based startup gives the space for teaching and learning. the experience is very holistic and fulfilling.”

Rewards and Recognition

This Trio-founded startup is backed by Nasscom and got incubated there when the idea was still brewing on paper.


What is Creek?

Creek is a social media networking app that is built for the next generation of entrepreneurs. This startup provides a platform for people who want to meet like-minded people Who will be becoming entrepreneurs in the coming five years.

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