FINOTES[ How this new startup is helping app developers with its tool in 2024]

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Finotes is a tool made for mobile app developers.

What is Finotes?

Finotes is a tool for mobile app developers that automatically detects the performance of mobile apps. This was founded by Robin Panicker in the year of 2018  to support mobile app developers and reduce buffering time. The main purpose of this application is to detect and report bugs in mobiles.

“The mission of this technology may be to detect and report bugs in mobile applications and retrieve data which is important,” says Robin.

Finotes is Based in Bangalore.

Startup Finotes
Founded 2018
Headquarters Bangalore, India
Products Mobile application
Revenue Model SAAC

How did the idea come out?

Both of the founders of this duo-founded startup are mobile app developers. While developing mobile applications, the founders of this technology-based startup realized that bugs in mobile apps are very troublesome and inefficient.

The founders researched the inputs of other web developers in the Play Store about bugs in mobile applications. After reading that, the founders realized that there should be a solution to this problem and came up with The Finotes app.

Quick Overview of BrewedLeaf

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Market Penetration

It is a developing market, so normal sales techniques won’t work in this particular market. This is a market that is a stab list in a virtual world, convincing people that this particular market exists and problems like this exist was difficult and a challenge for the founders.

Targeted Market

This Bangalore-based start-up targets mobile app developers. This startup has a global market and aims to reach everyone across the globe. For GTM purposes, The founders are focusing on mobile app developers with thousands to 10,000 users.

Salient features

Memory leaks: the text memory leaks and identifies the exact leaking object.

Abnormal memory usage: it tracks memory usage and reports when the usage goes higher than normal.

HTTP/API errors: track API calls over HTTP/HTTPS and observe error status scores and delays.

Feature Phalia: tracks multiple function calls that execute in a sequence to observe potential feature breaks.

Custom issues: report issues that you anticipate in your app.

App crashes: report app crashes with stack traces and activity trails.

Function failure: track functions by observing the parameters and return values, execution time, and exceptions. Frame-rate issues track UI issues caused by frame Skip or delay.

Screen Load Delays: tracks screen loading speed and reports any delays.

“Ours is the most lightweight technology which is out there”, explains Robin.

There are different kinds of bugs that the competitors are unable to detect. This duo-founded startup has a mechanism in which they are able to identify lightweight mobile apps.

Revenue Model

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This application has a SAAS model. It is based on a subscription-based model. If the mobile app developer, and they have more than 10,000 users then the commission will be given to this web development application.






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The Success

Finotes Is still in the early stage, Robin believes that there are still a lot of things to do, and a lot of success to achieve. The work is still Happening on the GTM strategy.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of this duo-founded start-up is that it is a market for application developers. As the founders are from a developer background, they understand what problems and issues the web developers face in the market. This gives the founders, of this mobile application an edge over others because all the problems are covered and solutions are given.

Weaknesses, the founders and the team or not marketing experts so the challenges come from there.

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Opportunities are that every day there are 6000 more apps coming in the market.

There are a lot of big players in the market already which can be a threat to this duo-founded startup.

Finotes Founders

Robin Alex Panicker is the founder of Finotes. He has completed his Bachelor of Technology in Electronics Engineering from the College of Engineering, Chenganoor.

Don Peter is the CTO and Co-founder of Finotes. He has completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from the Jyothi Engineering College, Thrissur.


Why Finotes is unique?

Because this app detects different kinds of bugs that the competitors are unable to detect. This duo-founded startup has a mechanism in which they are able to identify lightweight mobile apps.

Finotes is an application made for app developers.

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