TINKERLY[How this innovative Ed-tech startup helping parents and kids to learn beyond coding in 2023]

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TINKERLY is an online platform where one can learn beyond coding.

What is Tinkerly?

Tinkerly is an ed-tech startup founded in 2015 by IIT-Delhi & XLRI alumni who have come up with a unique initiative of mixing the fun and hands-on learning experience for kids in monotonous Online coding classes by incorporating STEM educational kits as a part of our play-based curriculum.

The unique pedagogy and technology platform enables personalized learning for each child at his or her own learning pace.

Tinkerly also helps schools to set up STEM and Tinkering Labs along with coding curriculum as per NEP guidelines. The company is a registered vendor on ‘Govt. E Marketplace (GeM)’ to set up Atal Tinkering Labs sponsored by NITI Aayog.

Tinkerly’s courses have benefitted over 150 thousand students across India, the Middle East, and North America. Since launch, students have spent 300k+ learning hours on our app Let’s Tinker which has 50K+ downloads on the Play Store.

The mission of Tinkerly is “to come up with a surface in which they can groom up the education system to experiential-based learning in which the training is given to the teachers with practical objects.” says the founder.

Startup Tinkerly
Website tinker.ly
Founded 2015
Headquarters Jaipur, India
Products Educational services
Revenue Model B2b,B2c

How did it start?

The founders realized that a certain startup should be in the market, where the teachers code in an experiential way in the time of Corona.

During that time students are unable to go to the regular off-line classes and learn coding. Online education was very monotonous and not beneficial for the students. The founder thought that it was important to make them learn coding with a little bit of practicality and experiential learning.

This ed-tech startup previously had the experience of training teachers, they wanted to train teachers in order to teach students in an online format. This Jaipur-based company had the hardware and other resources that focused on the STEM discipline. They realize that not every parent is interested in coding or they are aware of coding.

Not every parent can devote time to coding. “So I thought, why not come up with STEM-wise coding in which both parents and students can devote some time and develop an interest towards coding,” says the founder. They started creating interest among parents and students about coding and how to make the experience more interactive and evolving.

It is a medium that communicates that there is a life beyond coding. It teaches why in this generation, and why in the present coding is very important and what is life beyond it. This teaching-based data provides information and materials that teach us coding and what is the importance of coding in the present generation.

This ed-tech-based startup provides information and learning material to the students and also helps in understanding the parents about what is life beyond coding. It totally depends on technology and acknowledges the fact that everything an individual does is connected to technology.

It focuses on how to learn coding, they acknowledge the fact that anybody can learn coding and how to apply that in daily life.

Quick Overview

Tinkerly flyer

Initial challenges

Initially penetrating into the market was very difficult as it is very competitive and there are a lot of big players in the market. Initially, a lot of investors were hesitant to invest in the first place because there were a lot of companies and startups who were doing the exact same thing which involves online education.

But now at least in tier 2 and tier 1 Cities, people gradually started believing in the product and started investing. The challenge is not the business, the challenge is convincing parents that coding is interesting and to be involved in it.

Parents have the tendency to compare the new players with the old players which was one of the challenges.

Another challenge is reaching households that have no income. Creating awareness and penetrating that market is difficult and challenging for Tinkerly.

Another challenge is that this particular educational technology-based startup is growing very fast and one of the challenges is that it is going very fast and it is difficult to control the demographic of this particular startup.

Revenue Model

The payment is both subscription-based and one-time payment. The B2B model means conducting business with schools and educational institutions. The team conducts direct business with other institutions.

In the B2C model, the team conducts business or direct contact with the students who want to learn coding. The payment is both subscription-based and one-time payment in which a person or a user can take up a subscription for a few months and pay accordingly or can pay for only one class or course.

Sales turnover

This online education platform is looking at 50 lakhs of turnover and in the next 6 to 7 months they are expecting one crore turnover.


The unique factor about this Ed-tech startup is that learning has collaborated with experiential learning. So now with the coming changing world, there are a lot of competitors who provide online education on coding but the experiential part is missing. That’s how this Jaipur-based startup is unique and different from its competitors.

Tinkerly Funding

This educational-based startup never requires too much investment in their business because they used to do well.

This Jaipur-based startup is an experienced player in teaching and training so they had their own product line which started raising Funds, and in the year 2021 in September, they raised INR 65 Million in their seed funding round.

These are the investors of Tinkerly: Navneet Tech Ventures, SucSEED Venture Partners, Marwari CatalystsKeiretsu Forum, Chand Das, Divyashish Jindal, and Saurabh Aggarwal.

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Vivek Pathak is the Co-founder and MD and has 8.5 years of working experience in Software development and Strategy Management area. Holds v Acquisition, Research, and Workshops. A frequent speaker on Education, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship topics.

Sharad Bansal is the Co-founder and CEO. Sharad leads Tinkerly’s marketing, finance, and investor relations. For the last 5 years, he has engaged with fellow entrepreneurs, advisers & investors to bring the most impactful and sustainable business model for Tinkerly. Sharad personally holds a Bachelor of Technology in Textile (with a minor in Business Management) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

OP Godara is the Co-founder and COO. Godara heads business development at Tinkerly. He contributed to the execution of converted deals and followed operations. He is passionate about the quality of school education and has worked with organizations like Avanti Fellows before starting Tinkerly (Formerly known as SRJNA) during the final year of his Bachelor’s from IIT Delhi.

Kapil Arya is the Co-founder and CTO. He is a Technophile. Supervises and works for the R & D Department at Tinkerly. Involve and engage the young minds from IITs and other premier institutes in Research and Development at Tinkerly. Alumni of IIT Delhi hold B.Tech and M.Tech in Chemical Engineering.



why tinkerly is unique?

  Online coding classes by incorporating STEM educational kits as a part of our play-based curriculum. This unique pedagogy and technology platform enables personalized learning for each child at his or her own learning pace


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