The Unknowns Agency[ The First Experiential Marketing based startup growing in 2022]


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The Unknowns Agency is a Experiential  Marketing Startup 

What is the Unknowns Agency?

The Unknowns  Agency started off as an agency of agencies, founded by Ms.Kunika Rathore in the year 2018. The main motive of this agency is to serve other agencies. The main focus is on the future of marketing. Unknown agencies believe that the future of marketing lies in experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing refers to giving the customers the experience before buying products from that particular agency. They believe that experiences can be the driving factor for purchasing.

It is the first agency in the world that follows experiential marketing only. Unknowns agencies have a futuristic point of view towards marketing. This marketing-based startup also focuses on culture.

The main characteristic of this agency is that there is an environment in which team members can openly talk about their ideas and express their point of view without judgment.

Mission of this marketing-based startup is “making sure the happiness of my employees so that they can deliver great work and make a difference.”

Startup The unknowns Agency
Founded 2018
Headquarters Noida, India
Products Marketing Services
Revenue Model B2B

How did it start?

The founder had experience in her past of working with marketing organizations and firms. At that time she realized that when an organization is big and someone wants to bring a change, it takes a lot of time as people need to get approvals from different levels of power. There are processes for every single decision.

So she thought that if she wants to bring a change which is giving marketing a futuristic direction. So she believed in creating a push and she realized that not having decision-making power pushed her to make her own agency.

She started off as a software engineer then she switched to designer. She wanted to make a difference, and that’s why she started this agency.

Here is the Quick Overview of The Unknowns 


Growth Rate

When Kunika Rathore started, she was in relation with quite a few people to start an agency by herself. She made great connections while she was working previously in other agencies. So in the beginning itself she got a good return.

In the past 1 to 2 years the growth rate of this marketing tech-based start-up has been 100% Now unknowns agency is directly connected to the brands.

Targeted Market

This agency does not operate with a certain type of filter. The main target is different start-ups and other agencies.

Another target is brands and this Noida based startup is open to anything. They started with tier 1 cities. The main focus is on government business.


Kunika believes that right now no one is doing experiential marketing so as such there are no competitors in the case.

Initial challenges

Kunika reports that since the beginning it has always been tough, it’s not all easy to be an entrepreneur and start off as an entrepreneur. One of the biggest problems she face that she was young and a woman. So before she used to talk about business people used to judge her and not take her seriously. she started the company with five people and they were dedicated team members.

Expansion Plans

This marketing tech-based start-up is turning into a total experiential marketing-based agency They are still working on the brand name and many other factors of the agency.

In the next two years, this solo-founded startup aims to bring in awareness among people about what experiential marketing is and how it is important in the marketing business.

They want to make sure that they are the leaders in this type of marketing. They are also introducing a job profile called an experiential engineer, they will be providing training and mentorship for this job profile.

SWOT Analysis


The strength of the Unknowns agency is that it is the first agency that provides experiential marketing.

Weakness is that the agency starts off with something very new many people are unaware of and which could be considered as a weakness.

Opportunities are that this is the future of marketing so it presents this Noida Based startup with a lot of opportunities to explore and build their agency.

Threats are that other bigger organizations might have surplus capital in order to make an impact in the market which can be a threat to this agency.


Ms.Rathore started off with this agency by getting an award for entrepreneur of the year. She also was awarded by She the People TV and the title was digital women of the year. She also received an award from India 5000 for entrepreneurship

How she feels about the Journey so far 

‘The journey of the unknowns agency has been a rollercoaster ride. There have been a lot of ups and downs and twists and turns. However, the journey has been very holistic and learning-oriented. Each and every change, ups and down has given a lot of learning opportunities to become better and develop into something bigger’ said Ms.CEO.

Founder’s Background

Kunika Rathore was the only founder of this agency. She started off as a tuition teacher where she used to teach mathematics to students.


Then she started earning early and shifted her focus toward dance. She became a professional dancer.

Then she started off as a software engineer and then she went into designing. Later she decided to start her own organization.

She has been a part of many mentorship programs which include FICCI, Guwahati IIT, and many more. Now she is starting off with the LSR college for mentorship.

She mainly focuses on mental health because she believes that no one talks about it a lot.


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