Zomoz[A new growing momo startup in 2023]


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Zomoz is a budding Momos outlet startup

What is Zomoz?

Started as a passion project, Zomoz is based on making momos, Founded by Shaovik dhar in the year 2016. This startup started initially in an outlet mall however, then it put on thought and ideas and decided why not to start a chain of restaurants that serves momos.

Startup Zomoz
Website zomoz.co.in
Founded 2016
Headquarters Hyderabad, India
Products Momos
Revenue Model D2C

How did Zomoz start?

In the first year of 2016, this Hyderabad-based startup started with one outlet. Later on, after one year they realized that there was a lot of potential in the start-up and the category of momo making.

Back then there were not many food retail chains or players in the market. And the industries were not that organized. Momos were only sold by the street vendors and retailers. However, there was no particular chain of momos

Here is a quick overview of zomoz


Since Shaovik dhar is from Assam and from childhood he has seen a lot of momos in his life And then he wanted to open something in momos.

In 2017, he wanted to make this entire process automated with zero human intervention, then there was a lot of customization that went with the machine.

To figure this entire thing out, they also automated around with the machinery that is used to make the momos. They were still struggling with one of the variants which was the shape of the momos.

Then he started this retail start-up in which they were selling momos. First, Zomoz started-on as an online platform, it brought a new face to the Hyderabad market but then the team realized that momos are something that can be considered as an impulse purchase and then they started opening different kinds of outlets in High Street and malls.

It all started in Hyderabad in the Autumn of 2015 when the concept of momos and dumplings was relatively alien to the people in the city.

A couple of road-side kiosks were all that we had in the name of momo joints. Zomoz started with 6 employees in a small two-bedroom apartment with the hope of bringing the joy and flavor of authentic momos and dumplings to the people in the city.

Growth Rate

The momo-selling Startup started off as an online platform by taking up orders online initially. Then they started opening more outlets in 2018.


Zomoz started opening outlets in malls and High Street where people can go and buy momos from. Then later on in 2020, the team realized that they want to open outlets in other cities as well as they will post funding and they are reaching a good amount of customers.

Today, Zomoz is the highest-rated momo-brand across platforms with a 4.2 Average Delivery rating. The state-of-the-art facility now produces more than 100K+  momos daily to meet the customer demand.

Then gradually with a small budget, this retail-based startup started opening outlets in different cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, etc.., in 2020. And right now they are in 20 locations.

This Hyderabad-based startup has 65+ outlets right now. The love showered upon us by our customers has egged us to grow manifolds”, Says Mr.Dhar.

Area of Operations

This Momos startup has been operating in the metro cities of Chennai, Hyderabad, Mysore, Mumbai, Mangalore, Kolkata, Pune, and Bangalore.

“We are planning to open more outlets in different locations around the nation.” says the founder.


Shaovik created the team. Till now the team has been very simplistic. There are 150+ people on the team.

This Hyderabad-based startup works with retail outlets in malls and other stalls on the streets. They operate in the d2c model.


“Wow momos are the only startup that have an infrastructure and a proper structure for selling momos in India,” says the founder.

Zomoz Funding

Rebel foods have been the lead investor of zomoz in its undisclosed seed funding round.


Rebel foods already have the infrastructure so zomoz is planning to locate within this infrastructure itself.

The momo-selling franchise and chain of restaurants are spread across 350+ locations in 9 cities which can be very beneficial for the reach of the start-up. The plan is to open Zomoz in their location because the target is to open 100 outlets in the current year.

Founding Team

Shouvik Dhar, Founder & CEO of Zomoz has done a Master’s in finance from the Indian school of Business.

Akash Singh, Co-Founder & CSO of zomoz, is from NIT Calicut and has done a Master’s from SPJIMR.

Shreyans Darne, Co-founder & CMO of zomoz, is from SPJIMR.


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