The Packing Company (How this new startup is helping people by bringing creativity into packaging in 2024)

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The Packing Company is a packaging startup. 

What is The Packing Company?

The Packing Company is organizing the fragmented packaging industry by providing packaging solutions to D2C & D2B segments. It is a product-based business focused on providing end-to-end packaging solutions to businesses and individuals alike.

They are dedicated to solving complex packaging needs for our consumers through a buyer-centric approach. The product suite comprises a wide range of Ready-to-shop as well as Customised Products to meet the ever-increasing demand for premium packaging across diverse business landscapes.

Whether it is a baker, florist, wedding planner, or any small business owner or one who just wants to gift something special to loved ones, the packing company offers creative packaging solutions to packaging needs.

Thereby it caters to a wide range of customers and businesses, constantly trying to bridge the gap between customers and vendors providing packaging solutions. The startup was founded by Ms. Chandni Dassani in 2020.

The vision of the startup is “to be a packaging solution provider business for small and medium scale businesses, who are looking to have high quality and design-oriented packaging for their products in small quantities and readily available.”

The mission is bringing this untapped market closer to the customers and make purchasing premium, affordable and design-driven packaging available to all”

Startup The Packing Company
Founded 2020
Headquarters Gurgaon, India
Products Packing products
Revenue Model Sales

How did it start?

Great packaging is especially significant for growing startups because it can have a direct impact on sales and a company’s overall appeal. At the same time, procuring packaging for smaller occasions and lower quantities is extremely difficult for consumers due to the high MOQs offered by manufacturing companies and small-time vendors who work on bulk orders only.

Therefore, the packing company was created to create a space that can solve the problems of both customers and small business owners.

Quick Overview

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Growth rate

This Gurgaon-based startup is growing 30%, on a year-on-year basis.

Area of operations

Headquartered in Gurgaon, The Packing Company ships globally. The operations team is completely based in Gurgaon whereas other employees are working remotely.

Market Penetration

As per the founder, the startup stands at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to market penetration. Even though there are many packaging companies out there, the founder is focused on the creative side of packaging, thanks to her educational background in design, where her team is working towards providing standardized designs.

The founder feels that the creative side of the packaging is still not explored a lot and there is a lot of potential that be uncovered.

Products of The Packing Company

The product types for the startup are divided into two segments. The first segment deals with ready-to-use packaging boxes and other materials, majorly for small, medium, and home businesses, without any minimum order requirement. The second segment is about customized packaging, as per a client’s needs.

The Packing Company Team

The startup commenced with its founder and today it stands at a strength of 12 people. By the end of this year, the team is expected to build a strength of 15 people.

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Target Market

The target market is any urban consumer, who has a creative & aesthetic sense, and small and medium businesses as they are the ones who struggle with finding the right image for their brand and can give access to greater quantity orders as big vendors often have MOQ restrictions on quantity.

Revenue Model

This product startup is purely into the e-commerce space. It started with Instagram and after 8-9 months of operation, a website for trading came into play. Sales and trading constitute the revenue model for the startup.

Sales Turnover

For FY 2021-22, the sales turnover for The Packing Company was almost INR 84 lakhs. For the ongoing FY 2022-23, the team is expected to cross a revenue of INR 1.2 crores.

The Packing Company Competition

Anyone and everyone on the creative side of the packaging is a competition, as per the founder. However, due to the first mover advantage, the founder feels that her startup is already a bit ahead of others, given that the retention rate for the brand is more than 38%. The prices are also competitive.

SWOT Analysis

The strength is the quality, standardized designs & convenience.

The weakness is that right now a lot of things are happening at the same time for the startup and it can be managed better, feels the founder.

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The opportunity is immense as the startup is already looking to expand internationally and is already working on a set of designs that can be broadly shipped in bulk to international territories.

The threat is potential competition.

Future Expansion Plans

The startup is currently planning to expand internationally extensively.

The Packing Company Funding

Bootstrapping was the initial mode of capital by the founder where she staked a total of INR 2 lakhs, a sum she was able to recover in the first year of operation itself. No external investments have been taken so far, the brand is self-sustainable at this point.

The Packing Company Founder

Ms.Chandni Dassani is the founder who has completed her Master’s in Fashion Management from NIFT.

Rewards & Recognitions

The startup has already worked with more than 1,000 brands.


What is the business model of The Packing Company?

The Packing Company runs on a B2B as well as a B2C business models.

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