Swageazy[ one stop gifting platform for everyone in 2023]


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Swageazy is a gifting Platform 

What is Swageazy?

Swageazy is India’s first gift delivery platform which is based in India for the global market, founded by Mr.Sameer Wahie and Mr.Sneh Seth in the year 2021. This customer-friendly startup believes that swag is a powerful way to create strong associations with your employees and clients.

Swageazy provides a curated selection of customized products so that one does not have to browse through thousands of products and deliver them to someone’s doorstep.

The mission is  “to make this process hassle-free, fun, and meaningful among the employees and the clients” says the founder.

Startup Swageazy
Website Swageazy.com
Founded 2021
Headquarters Gurugram, India
Products Packaging & Advertising
Revenue Model B2B, Commissions, Fees

How did Swageazy start?

Mr.Wahie and his other co-founder Mr.Setu met initially in the company Uber. At the time, Uber is making millions of dollars, Initially to put the swag project together was difficult as it was very challenging and struggling.

This Gurgaon-based startup couldn’t get that many funds in the beginning and they were trying to brainstorm different kinds of ideas.

“There were many difficulties in the beginning, we had to figure out packaging and the logistics,” says sameer. Then they started ideating on a few things and sooner or later they started getting a hold of all the ideas and started functioning as swageazy.

This Gurugram-based startup started in January 2021 and then officially started and launched again in March 2021.

Here is the quick overview of Swageazy


Where does it stand now in 2023?

‘2021 was an amazing time for the company’  was told by sameer. It was launched by the company on the platform in 2021 and initially they got a lot of orders.

We had a lot of struggles as initially we got so many orders that it was hard for us to keeptrack’ says the founder.

Then there was a lockdown which caused a lot of setbacks for the company. There were a few months of struggles and then after the lockdown today they are overwhelmed with orders and they are getting a lot of orders from different kinds of businesses. So the growth rate has been positive and better than before.

This gift-delivery startup has delivered 30K+ Swag Packs, with a presence in 25+ countries, and served 100+ enterprises such as the likes of Amazon, shiprocket, Airmeet, Linkedin, Coursera, and Chargebee.


In comparison to the growth rate in March 2021, the growth has been 7x even more than before. This Gurgaon-based startup is constantly growing in double digits and has done something very commendable for the company.

Exclusive Services

Design handling

There is customer swag, which is the core of the brand. The creative and highly responsive design team of this customer-friendly startup ensures the swag remains on demand at all times.

One dashboard

The dashboard manages everything for the consumers from designs, orders, shipment, tracking, and reordering.

Storage and inventory

If the customer is tired of having their office full of onboarding kits and swag, the customers don’t have to worry as the startup offers them storage and on-demand shipping.

Integrations and API

The Gurgaon-based startup has offered custom API integration to make the swag ordering super easy.


Shipment with a global reach

If it’s on the map then the swageazy will ensure the reach of the product. This retail-based startup just has to put the country, state, city, or town and Swageazy will deliver it to the customers without any worries. Global fulfillment is one of the mottos of the startup.


Swageazy has the likes of the technology giants such as Binance, springworks, gradeup, inFeedo, Techila Global Services, Singular, Blackboard radio, Silverline, and Price labs as its esteemed clients.

Revenue Model 

All the goods on the platform give a margin to the start-up and then there are a lot of companies that use the warehouse of swageazy. So this duo-founded startup gets storage fees from that which could be considered as one form of revenue.

Initial Challenges

‘one of the major challenges initially faced in 2021 was lockdown due to covid 19 pandemic, Otherwise, the journey has been smooth. however, formulating a strong foundation for logistics and technology was challenging and time taking’ told Mr.Sameer.

Swageazy Funding

Swageazy has raised its Seed Round of US$ 849K or INR 70M  from the likes of Anicut Capital, Infoedge Ventures, Huddle Ventures, Ankur Aggarwal of Dunzo, Karthik Mandaville of Springrole.

Swot analysis

The team is the strength as they have a team of people who formulate new ideas again and again and put all the work and Effort into the growth of the company.

The weakness of the startup is the competition in the future.


Opportunity is that the market is huge, and there are a lot of corporates that would require this service.

Threat is the big players in parts of America and Europe.

Swageazy founder

Mr.Sameer Wahie, the CEO and founder has done PGDM from IMT Ghaziabad.

Mr.Sneh Setu, Founder has done Bachelor of Technology from Amity school of engineering.


How much funding has Swageazy raised to date?

US$849.8K or IN₹7 Cr

Who invested in Swageazy?

1.Anicut Capital, 2.Info Edge ventures, 3.Huddle Ventures

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