HEN[ This new startup is helping to build networking community for women entrepreneurs in 2023]

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HEN is a networking community for women entrepreneurs.

What is HEN?

HEN stands for her entrepreneurial network. It is a networking community for women entrepreneurs founded in the year 2020 by Ruche. All the team members come together to inspire, support, and inform to create successful entrepreneurs. The startup has its roots from the founder’s personal experience.

It is a B2B startup, the founder likes to call it a business for business.

Startup Her Entrepreneurial


Website henindia.com
Founded 2020
Headquarters Bangalore, India
Products Social networking


Revenue Model B2B

Here is a Quick Overview

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How did it start?

During this time, she got married and shifted from Kolkata to Bangalore. After shifting to Bangalore she realized that the cultural setup in Bangalore city is very different compared to Kolkata. In Kolkata, Ruche was from a business family which gave her the opportunity to meet new people every day.

She noticed that in Bangalore people do not meet randomly she was married into a family where every family member was doing a job so there were no opportunities to meet new people. She wanted to find a platform where she could meet new people who are entrepreneurs.

She was also selected for the ISB 10k program. While all of this was happening, Ruche thought about a platform in which all the women entrepreneurs could come together and learn from each other from each other’s experiences. That is how HEN came to Existence.

Growth Rate

When her entrepreneurial network started, it was just a Facebook group. And HEN has grown because of its members. In the beginning, there were only small meetings. This escalated towards monthly meetings and then they also started including training sessions.

Then workshops started to take place which helped them in increasing their platform. Gradually the members of the team learned that they need to create a platform that is not on a social media platform.

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The founder, Ruche spent 2 years building a model that consists of the membership structure. The female-led company created a networking platform in which only the members can access the platform. There is a full membership model which makes this woman-led startup not depend on social media platforms.

This networking startup provides networking facilities on 4 levels. The four levels are networking with peers, mentors, products, and markets. In the last 6 months, HEN has 350+ on their platform. The goal is to create 100,000 women entrepreneurs in the next two years.

How was the team built?

The team of HEN is a mix of friends, family, and other professionals. The team is built on people’s attitudes not aptitude. All the members of the team have the ideology to give without expecting. The co-founder is a childhood friend of Ruchi.

Expansion Plans

The expansion plan for HEN is two spread over a hundred thousand women entrepreneurs.

SWOT Analysis

The strength is the feedback that is received from the members who are open and candid. This can be understood as the strength.

Opportunities are building relationships with people which will give opportunities to build and create business.

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Weakness is to be able to learn more as they are still unaware of the market.

The threat will be the peer community as the competition is very high at the present time.

HEN Funding

Initially, there was no capital for this venture. This networking-based startup is on its bootstrap level. The founding team has been investing in the venture.


Ruche was brought up in Kolkata. Ruchi chose not to graduate and pursued graphic design. She started off as a freelancer and whilst freelancing she used social media for marketing when social media marketing was not even a thing.

She started with orkut.com to look out for job opportunities and she got her first customer or business partners through social media. Around this time she got The opportunity to shift from freelancing to start a business.

She has also experienced failure in her business in the early stages. She didn’t know how to hire people, manage clients, manage people all together. Then she thought that this was a learning opportunity.

Priyanka Changia is the Co-Founder and Partnerships Head of HEN India. She is a Partnerships Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the think tanks industry. Strong community and social services professional skilled in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Outsourcing, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, and Analytics.


What is HEN?

HEN stands for her entrepreneurial network. It is a Social networking platform for women entrepreneurs founded in the year 2020 by Ruche.

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