My Captain (How this new startup is driving passion into careers in 2023)

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My Captain is an e-learning platform startup.

What is My Captain?

Founded by Mohammed Zeeshan, Samir Ramesh, Ruhaan Naqash, and Fatima Hussain in 2016, My Captain is a platform that provides young mentors, someone who is relatable and approachable, to students who are trying to figure out a career in any field, from graphic designing to writing. My Captain is an IIM Bangalore incubated company under My Climbers.

The vision is to “enable every human being to follow a career they dream of”

The mission is to challenge the status quo of our country by opening possibilities to more creative and non-traditional careers”

Startup My Captain
Founded 2016
Headquarters Bangalore, India
Products Courses
Revenue Model Fees

My Captain Overview

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How did it start?

This startup originated from its parent company Climber. The four founders realized during their under graduation that they did not feel connected with what they were studying. And it is then they decided to start a platform where they can empower such confused minds to take up a career path that they are passionate about and feel connected to.

Growth rate

Considering the fact that My Captain was completely bootstrapped and has been operating from the cashflows that come in, My Captain has scaled itself incredibly and is on a sustainable growth ever since its commencement.

Area of operation

The headquarters is in Bangalore but operates PAN India.

Target Market

The startup has three types of customers that it retains:

Students who are pursuing their studies

Working professionals with less than 3 years of experience who do not resonate with their jobs

Homemakers who want to build alternate sources of income

Primarily, the target market ranges from the age group of 19 to 35 years.

Market Penetration

When this startup started, the ambiance for exploring passion-driven careers was not at the forefront. People were more involved in chasing conventional career choices. Awareness about careers in different fields was low.

Over a period of time, with awareness increasing and people having access to stories across the globe that are unconventional, even in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, market penetration has improved. My Captain has been instrumental in creating that delta of career switch since its inception. My Captain has enabled more than 2 lakh students to gauge career choices.

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Sales Turnover

Currently, this startup is sitting at an ARR of 2 million. They are targeting and growing towards an ARR of 5 million. It can hold a 15-16% growth rate per month sustainably.


The startup has a first-mover advantage because when it started, there were not many companies operating in this space. But with time, companies like Kraftshala and Growth School have come up as competition for My Captain.

Business Type

This startup runs on a B2C business model.

Future Expansion Plans

This startup has a vision of expanding in the Gulf in the future.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of the startup lies in its first-mover advantage, its history, and the trust of its users.

The weakness is any weakness that a start-up faces, nothing unique to My Captain, an employee says.

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The opportunity is huge considering the shift of people towards passion-driven careers.

The threat is the economy that every start-up in the country is facing right now.

My Captain Funding

There was no initial capital or funding. This startup was completely bootstrapped. The first round of funding was raised in 2022 through venture capital funds.


Mohammed Zeeshan is the CEO of the startup and has his Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from SRM University.

Sameer Ramesh is the CPO of the startup and has his Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering from Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management.

Ruhan Naqash is the co-founder of the startup and has done his Bachelor of Technology in Electrical, Electronics, and Communications Engineering.

Ramsha Fatima is the co-founder and she has her Bachelor of Arts from Savitribai Phule University.


The founders have been listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 list.


What is the vision of My Captain?

The vision of My Captain is to enable every human being to follow a career they dream of.

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