WIOM( How this new telecom startup is helping individuals with its unique product in 2024)

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Wiom is an IT services startup.

What is Wiom?

Wiom is a completely new pedigree that operates under IT services and IT consulting founded in the year 2021 and based in Delhi. This startup provides affordable and unlimited internet to middle and lower-income households.

It is the new age telecom system that allows an individual to sell their extra data to someone else. This provides the consumers an opportunity to sell their unused data to other people at affordable and reasonable prices making the Internet accessible to everyone. It is the first and the largest player in this market.

The mission of this new-age startup is to “impact the lives of people by providing them internet access” Says Satyam.

Startup Wiom
Website wiom.in
Founded 2021
Headquarters Delhi, India
Products Technology services
Revenue Model b2c

How did it start?

A lot of personal and professional experiences of the founders contributed to the idea of this IT-based start-up. The team of founders strongly believes that each and every individual has the right to dream big and work on it to achieve it.

However, a lot of individuals are unaware of how to achieve their dreams because they lack resources and ideas. This generated an idea in the founders that what if there is unlimited internet provided to each and everyone in the country? If that happens the individuals will gradually figure out what they want to achieve.

This new-age startup started as an incubation in IIT Delhi and with the help of artificial intelligence professors in the university, the founders came up with the model of the start-up. This initiated the idea that instead of some companies everyone should be able to provide and receive internet.

Quick Overview

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Growth rate

The growth rate of this Delhi-based start-up has been 50 times in the last six months. The month-on-month basis for growth has been up to 20%.

Area of operations

“Currently we are focusing on each and every corner of Delhi, however on the other hand we are also focusing on tier one and tier two cities.” Says Satyam.

Initial capital

The initial capital was contributed by the founding team of this Delhi-based startup.

Revenue Model

People can pay on a daily basis in this delivery startup or they can also have yearly or monthly plans for internet access. It has a pay-as-you-use model.

Target market

“The primary age group that we are targeting is 15 years to 35 years,” says Satyam.

Market Penetration

Each and every entrepreneur is very difficult to penetrate in the market because initially, all ideas were very new and unique from other players in the market,” says Satyam.

Expansion Plans

“In 12 months we are aiming to reach up to 50,000 to 60,000 users and in 20 months we are aiming to reach five lakh locations,” says Satyam.

SWOT Analysis

The strength of this IT-based startup is the team that contributes all their efforts and skills to the growth of the start-up. The team members have their background in esteem the universities and colleges like IIT. The team has a very strong tech-based background. Every team member contributes original ideas.

In India, only 7% of the total market is penetrated which leaves out 93% of the market untouched. This can be a huge opportunity for Delhi-based start-ups.

Wiom swot

The weakness is execution of doing things on a high scale can be an issue.

Telecom can be a very competitive market so this could be one of the threats.

Wiom Funding

“Initially we were able to approach various investors and we also have a very high-profile team of investors,” says Satyam.


Satyam Darmora is the founder of this Delhi-based startup. He has completed his b.tech from IIT Delhi.

Nishit Aggarwal is the co-founder of this startup. He has completed his PGDM from IIM Indore.

Ashutosh Mishra is the co-founder and CTO. He has completed his b.tech from MANIT.

Maanas Dwivedi is the co-founder of this startup. He has completed his education at IIT Kharagpur.

Rewards and Recognition

In multiple forms startups have been recognized and awarded idk top 20 companies to watch out for in Asia and other types of recognition says Satyam.


What is Wiom's pricing plan?

Wiom’s monthly subscription is RS.399.

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